cee’s fun foto challenge, one item or number 1

las vegas moonchicago moonmoon close uphong kon full moonportpatrick moonevening silhouetteLas Vegas moonleafs & moonOne item  or number one???!!!!! I don’t  have one single image with number one – I have loads of images with only one object, so I have decided  to go with one item, but different captures of it. I chosen the most magical object; the moon.

It seems like where ever my destination is in the world – there is  a full moon.

The Moon and I have a very special relationship since I was a child. I was very lonely as child and every month when it was full moon I sat on windowsill and talked to  him for hours about everything, up to I was about 12. My mother always said that I was full of moonlight. So the quote below is very true.

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.”
Carl Sandburgistanbul moon


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18 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge, one item or number 1

    • ThAaaAAnk you, Olga … that photo I was lucky with last week in Istanbul, beautiful evening full of stars and moonlight and then those small clouds passed. I like that image too.

    • Yes, it’s all Oscar’s work … the two you like – 7th is from Las Vegas last year … and the last one from Istanbul a week ago.
      Yes, I grow up with my grandparents and after my grandfathers death – my grandmother struggled with being alone with a child, so I wasn’t allowed to do much, which I did anyway and than I ended up in trouble.

      • Oh it could not be all Oscar’s work. You know you are the master of Oscar so give yourself credit. I grew up with my grandparents too except I hardly got in trouble. So you probably had more excitement than me growing up. LOL

      • I can image that you were a very well behaved child – I was too … but at times I was naught, I think I was rebelling because I wasn’t allowed to have any friends around, it was to much for grandma. I had a very lively imagination and that got me in to troubles too… I lived in my own world at times, but I always kept myself busy. *smile
        Oscar and I … is a nice team, not perfect … but we work well together. He are playing up at times. *laughing – he is great with the moon .. that lens is a killer lens.

    • Colleen, it’s not easy to take images of the moon, a lot of luck involved and very steady arms, need slow shutter time. Out of 10 images, maybe one is okay. But you should practice. And if you aim at the moon …. you may land on a star. *smile

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