a treasure – a deam

dream house 11is what this house is …. and if I had the money !!!!?????

I would buy this very special yellow Ottoman style house in Istanbul, just opposite Yerebatan Sarnıcı, Basilica Cistern. When looking at it.. two men came up to me and asked if I like the house and of course both was the owner to the  house.

A beautiful wooden house that just is left to fall into disgrace and with a tragic history.

What I understand the last tenant or owner was the Istanbul Tourist Police. Over internet I being told that this is the station a female suicide bomber blow herself up inside the house in January this year, she killed one officer and injured another.

But looking at the house it looks like it have been abandoned for years and neither it looks like there has been a bomb blast inside the house, at least not from the outside. A bit confusing. Not a window broken.

Only foot steps away  from all the TOURIST MUSTS – so if I had the money what would I turn it into?????? A small designer hotel or maybe a hotel for only female guests.dream house 7

Every time I look at the house the more I fall in love …. but  I wish there was a small garden to go with it.

I’m sure that the house will have a massive price as it stands to day .. and to make it up to standard of comfortable living – talking about millions,  which I don’t have. Have asked around a bit and it seems like it’s Istanbul city council that owns the house. dream house 9

I feel sorry for the tourist police that had to leave this beautiful house for a ugly concrete bunker in the Sultan Ahmet Parkı.

Somebody needs to make this house happy  again.

I would keep it yellow and with white window shutters and loads of orange roses in the front and a jasmine tree …. the best of all is that dreaming doesn’t cost anything, but to manage to make this dream come true …. I have to be a bit of a pirate in more than one way, have to put my Jack Sparrow hat on. 3  phases

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”
Jack Sparrow

20 thoughts on “a treasure – a deam

  1. Am sure some big bucks will buy it to convert it into an office building, condo or a hotel. It is unfortunate that they left it to waste.

      • I hope that they will do something about it. Why not put the tourist information in house, because of it’s location – where it’s today you don’t even notice it.

  2. You’d make a great pirate, Vivi! Wish I could join you 🙂 (and I love the music too)
    It would make a fine boutique hotel. We just need a backer. Get using those feminine wiles, girl 🙂

    • Jo, you can be my first mate!!!! You have to explain what a backer is. I think I will go for trousers as captain.
      The thing is there is so many boutique hotels … maybe to nice cafe and blogging center. Or handcraft center … I visit something like that in Istanbul, not fare away from this house.It had a lovely courtyard and around it was small studios and they served a good cappuccino too. In Tokyo they have a couple of cafe where you can take a nap after your cup of tea. Brilliant idea.
      If there had been a garden I would done a day center for kids. Totally agree about the music – Taylor Davis is an American violinist – she done a great job with this piece of music.

      • A backer- someone to supply the money while you supply the ideas. To ‘back you up’? 🙂
        I couldn’t nap to save my life, Vivi, but I’ll go with any of the other ideas.

    • Hotel???!!! There is no grounds around it … it would be a very pretty hotel, great that dreaming doesn’t cost anything. I more and more fancy the idea of a “Nap”-cafe for only ladies.

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