gülhane parkı’s roses and their friends

park benchGülhane Parkı runs along side the Topkapı Palacejust behind the Hagia Sofia – massive park for people to get some rest – to get away from the intensive city buzz…. reading, kissing, playing, walking, pic nicking, eating, listening and just to exist.rose gate

Gulhane means Rosehouse. Gülhane Parki was once part of the outer garden of Topkapı Palace and mainly consisted of a grove. A section of the outer garden was planned as a park by the municipality and opened to the public in 1912.

The Museum of The History of Science and Technology in Islam is located in the former stables of Topkapı Palace, on the western edge of the park.

During my visit in Istanbul I spent mostly of my day in the park with all their million flowers and thousands waiting to be planted, but  I couldn’t see much action going on … the sweepers was all go, but when it was about all the plants waiting to get into the ground … none what so ever.so vibrant

Not only the people of Istanbul that  loves the park – I think  every bird in Istanbul spend their days there, never heard so much bird song in my life and on most park benches they have really put their marks on, totally covered in it.

Also all plants that was under the big trees was covered.bird's leftovers

Roses … roses … and more roses. In  the most fantastic shades and combinations – I had wished they had put their names to them. I suppose that is were the park has got it’s name from.

I will let the roses and their friends talk for themselves.

I sat down and remembered my mum, it was on the day 2 years ago that she left – my mum would had loved to sit there with me. I miss her so much at times.

My thoughts also went to my aunt Thea, even if they hadn’t been talking to for years. My aunt Thea once told me that there is rose named Thea, so I’m honored too. Not only Christian Dior that has a rose cultivar after him.  It’s suppose to be yellow and apricot. Maybe it was one of the 100’s in Gülhane Parkı.Gülhane Parki art

It would had been fantastic if we all 3 could had some time together in a park full of roses. We had probably been laughing to all the stupid things that has been done and said through the years – what I understand is this song about laughter and roses, but I can be wrong.

“But the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget.”
Tim O’Brien

20 thoughts on “gülhane parkı’s roses and their friends

    • Bebs, I have took so many images on the mosque and all the other tourist attractions too, I will put them in a random gallery. When I walk with the camera in my hand I notice a competently different world or I look at things differently. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    • My pleasure, Sue! I think I have 50 images in total of the parks all roses. I like the song too … I think it was released in 2001. There is so much great Turkish music around, new and old. Glad you like this post.

    • Thank you so much, Manja …. not every often you see people kissing openly in Istanbul. Very cute couple,they wouldn’t notice it the sky fell down on them. *smile

    • Dia, I really recommend Istanbul for a long weekend – it’s a truly magical city! Istanbul is brilliant in short periods, but often.

    • Frank, very much so … it was nice to be back, because I need some sun and warm air, because here in Sweden is it still chilly and some places had night frost last night. Wired, wired … wired. Istanbul still has it’s magical spell over me; but this year I will spend Christmas in Prague.

      • We normally say the summer is from 1.6 to 1.9 – 3 months like most countries.
        It should been a little warmer than it’s. The sea is only +2C here in Landskrona, and it will take weeks of very high temperatures to get it up to around +20. May was so chilly. So our summer is a bit wired this year and still the spring was so early.
        Yes, I been to Prague before – in September … beautiful city, and I said then I that I would love to come back in the winter. But I don’t want to spend my Christmas on my hotel only, but they only celebrate 24th and even restaurants and shops are open that day.

  1. Two years, already, Vivi? But,then- when you look at all you’ve done since then, I suppose it is. My Mam would have loved this park too. She had her own rose garden though only a fraction of this size. Lonely life sometimes, Vivi- even with all your friends. Sweet-smelling hugs! 🙂

    • Yes, 2 years … they have passed so quickly. It was nice to sit there in the park with all the roses and think about her.
      Maybe your mum and mum … are visiting a rose garden at times. Mum was more a ocean person like me, but she loved roses. I think I’m a bit restless after mum’s departure, a bit lost in transit at times and then I travel. I know she told me to travel so much as I can so long as I’m able to. I miss her SO much at times. Evening hug.

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