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……. and showered in a rain forest.

Aybar Hotel Boutique
Baş Musahip Sk. Nr: 10 Sultanahmet, Fatih,
34200 Istanbul
Telefon:(0212) 528 1162

26 rooms, $$

aybar hotel - aybarhotel ccom

From my bad 5* hotel experience over Christmas in Istanbul, I decided that I will never stay on a big hotel again in the magical city. Nothing wrong with hotel or staff, but their guests.

I’m all for good hotel deals, if I can get a 5*stay for a 3* star rate, I go for it. But I don’t need a luxury accommodation, so long as the  bed is good and the there is power in the shower.

When I booked my flight with Turkish airlines I also found a small hotel with great rates, so I booked directly with the hotel and could cancel up to the day before arrival.307 - 5

A couple of weeks before my departure I got a news letter from – and when I opened up the web link … Aybar Hotel was their daily offer, 2500SEK/268€/£196/£300 for 5 nights total with breakfast, but I had to pay upfront. First I checked out TripAdvisor and only top reviews … and a look at the hotels website I went to action. Booked my nights and cancelled my other booking.307 - 3

And what a treat I was up for – small boutique hotel on a back street. Only been open for about 4 weeks, when I walk along the corridor to my room (#307) I could smell how new the hotel is. A very warm welcoming by all staff, was offered tea or coffee for the check in. Check in went very smooth. Everything the staff did was with a big smile, during my stay.

Location couldn’t be more perfect, 5 min walk to most of the tourist MUSTS;  Basilica Cistern, Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and of course Grand Bazaar.

The room, so beautiful – it had two single beds – but the young man that helped with the luggage put the two beds together straight away.

A small room for 2 maybe, but very comfortable for me alone, would have struggled with 2 suitcases – it had a big French window to the back of the hotel, so no view what so ever – but on the other hand no noise neither. Not a lot of traffic on the narrow street anyhow. Bathroom with a big shower (no bathtub) offers both hand shower and ceiling head. Extra plus for me was that their bath tools could cover up a full grown woman.307 - 1

Only concern I have about the hotel was that the marble flooring in the showers, when wet became extremely slippery. Nearly fell during my first shower and if I had felt I would have hurt myself pretty bad.

No carpet on the flooring, I love it – there was free slippers. Hate carpets really in hotel rooms, because they only collect dirt and god knows what could have happen on the floor. Easy to clean for the staff too.

A little nice breakfast room on 3rd floor – with two small terraces with space with one table and 4 chairs on each and a big umbrella. Very nice, but the tables was only out for one morning. The weather was a little unstable and it was quite windy.307 - 2

The breakfast was Turkish style of breakfast with different salads and olives, big cereal choice, loads of fresh fruit and lovely bread. Offer of teas and coffees. The coffee was instant, which I’m not very found of. But it was a good coffee and for 5 breakfast I was okay with it.

I know that if a staff member is mention in the review on TripAdvisor there will be a bonus of some kind, but I can’t just name one person – all the staff should have a bonus, because it doesn’t really matter how nice and pleasant a hotel is, without a good and welcoming staff … forget it.

So give all staff should a bonus, because not only one special staff number or a couple can’t make this hotel to what is on their own!!!!!! What would Aybar hotel be without the room maids or the young men that helps with the luggage???room detail

The Aybar Hotel Boutique I HIGHLY recommend for all the right reasons; quality, rates, standards, interior design, location, staff, helpfulness and caring. And all the smiles!!!!!

And this is a threat and a promise – I WILL BE BACK!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Wardaybar entrance

The professional images gallery provided by the hotel’s website through TripAdvisor. Thank you!

32 thoughts on “slept on a cloud – aybar hotel boutique, istanbul

    • Yes, sometimes we need luck on our side. I’m already home, Bebs … came home earlier this evening. Wrote the post during the flight.

    • Loisa, thank you … it was a true pleasure to write this review. I really hate carpets in hotel rooms … but I think they have because to keep the floors warm.

  1. This sounds like the perfect place to stay. I’d like to pin this to my pinterest account so that I can easily access your link if I ever decide to travel to Istanbul but I’d like your permission first.

    • Maralee, this little hotel … truly is a gem – nothing to complain about and the staff was so wonderful too, plus the price is right too.

  2. What an excellent review of this quaint hotel. Next time you should remember to bring some flip flops to wear in the bathroom Viv! And good idea to check trip advisor! 🙂

    • Slippers in the shower???? I don’t know. The bathroom floor was okay – it was inside the shower that was the problem. They maybe should have a none slip mat for the guest to stand on, but on the other hand they are not easy to keep that clean. TripAdvisor is such huge thing those days it has become a bible and all every establishment in Istanbul ask you to write a review.

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