leaving the a great party

……. somebody has said that we should always leave the party when we have the most fun …. it feels like that just now.

In 2 hours time my airport transport will be here and that’s me on my way home. I don’t think I have to say that I had a fantastic time again …. there is just something about Istanbul, that makes it’s visitors feel good.

My friends was here in April, first they got robbed by  a taxi driver and second they got one of their smart phones stolen on their hotel room. So I  had a little bit mixed feelings before I left for Istanbul, but so soon I was through the passport control I knew I was  up for a good  time.

And I really had a nice stay … the hotel a true little gem just 4 min walk from the all tourist MUSTS. Plus that I have been so lucky with the weather too, not one raindrop, full sunshine 4 out of 5 days. Yesterday was a wonderful day, not a cloud on the sky.

So it’s time for me to leave …. a great party, but I will join again ….. in a near future.

“A little party
has never hurt anybody”

Mosque rose

12 thoughts on “leaving the a great party

      • Yes, I know …. so glad I went – and I had no incident what so ever … Istanbul’s taxi drivers is a part of the cities charm I suppose, but to be robbed one would put me off for a while.

    • Dia, thank you …. in all honest wouldn’t I mind to sleep some more nights in Istanbul *smile …. time for for sweet dreams. I wish you a pleasant weekend. Hugs …

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