in for a magical trip (i hope)

dinner view

Taking off for Istanbul (again) for a couple of days ….. have an early start today. What I understand am I up for sunshine. The pasted week it has been raining every day more or less in Istanbul … but  tomorrow a big sun is waiting for me, if it doesn’t change it’s mine. So long it’s warmer than here. The chilliest Spring ever.

So until next time …. be good to yourself!

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”
John Steinbeck




26 thoughts on “in for a magical trip (i hope)

  1. 🙂 Oh, that sounds like a fun trip! Spending some quality time with Nia again?
    Enjoy your stay! Hope you have the BEST weather!
    Many hugs and safe travels xo 🙂

    • Thanks Colleen, so far good … had a beautiful sunny day – little chilly in the evening, but no need for jacket. Had a great meal around the corner from the hotel.Lovely hotel, only been open for 4 weeks. So fresh and the best shower ever. Look at CNBC just now .. think it’s Late Night Show.

      • 😀 So while I write outside in the chilly air of our odd weather you are enjoying a good laugh from the Tonight Show. I think it’s wonderful we can know this. 🙂

    • Thank you so much … have sunny day with a lovely breeze. Perfect. Going to put up my feet now and eat some fresh strawberries. Life can be hard at time … and somebody has to do it too. *smile

      • Colleen, you know that there is always space for you in my cabin bag. *smile – been in a beautiful park today. You would have loved it too.

      • I was kind of hoping you had “taken me” along. 🙂 Thank you Viveka! A park sounds so lovely. You would be proud of me, I actually planted some flowers around my little back yard cabin. 🙂

      • I’ve never heard that Viveka!

        Well here we are on a weekend and again it’s grey. I need to do it on a sunny day when I’m home, or at least able to check in on occasion. I still haven’t had the perfect weather, perfect day, perfect time. It will happen. It’s only been what, a year a half waiting on it? 🙂 But when I do…you will have to send me a wish so I can put it on there for you. 🙂

      • Of course I will send you my wish. As you say it has to be the right feeling and mood to get it starting. I was met by the summer when I landed after Istanbul, warm and sunny, still is but some treating dark clouds coming up now.

      • Colleen, I hope the rainy night was gentle to you. We have sun, but no heat in air at all … but it’s suppose to get warmer this weekend.
        It’s like an early spring … but the nature is in full summer. Very strange this year.

      • I hope you had a great unplanned day … that is my best days, I went on the bike today … and now my sorry ass .. isn’t too happy, because it hasn’t been in it’s best mood the last days.

      • Colleen, it’s not only the bike .. it doesn’t agree with anything lately .. terrible! Back to were we started 2 years ago, don’t have clue what has happen.
        Today first the summer day for this year. Tomorrow bike again. Have a great weekend, you two.

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