all about location: the hotel grand arc hanzomon – tokyo

pillowtalk logoWhen I start planning my trip to Japan, I had been told that hotels are so expensive there. I started on my Excel spread sheet about 11 months before take off.  I started with finding a good flight connection to a great price and then I juggled around the dates to get the best rate.

And when Hong Kong was more or less next door neighbors I put a 5 nights stop over there. What I didn’t think about at the time was that Hong Kong and Japan had two different seasons.

For me the hotels location was the most important thing and with a lot of research and with Tripadvisor as guide, I found my  hotels very quickly. All hotels had 3 stars grade close to a 4. Hotel sign

The Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon
1-1, Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 102-0092
Phone; +81-3-3288-0111

A true gem in a very quite part of the middle of Tokyo – with the Imperial Palace across the road and 5 min walk to Metro Hanzomon station. It was impossible to book on the hotels website – very confusing and it seems like they only allow you to book 5 months in advance. Very popular hotel and  sold out most of the year.

In the end I got a great deal, 5 nights twin room for single use with breakfast through, 4795SEK/$565/£370/€518 total – it was impossible to get a single room, but when my friend Nancy suddenly want to come along – I had a room for us, the only hotel that I pre-paid. first morning - first cherry tree

Great hotel with fantastic service, room was not big – but big enough and we had a stunning view over the Imperial Palace Park, we were on 14th floor. Our room had a second hand basin just outside the bathroom, perfect when two ladies are sharing room.

Breakfast had two choice for breakfast that was included; Western or Japanese. I had Western every morning, coffee was great and was served with hot milk. I even manage to get my juice mixed 50/50 with orange and grapefruit. No breakfast buffet. Service was good and very friendly.amazing view

Front desk staff very efficient and helpful. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t fix and they was so helpful with forward my luggage to our Kyoto hotel. They filled in the form and cash payment; 1450 yen/$11.70/£7.63/€10.70/100SEK. You have to hand in the luggage before 5pm and it will be at your next destination when you check in.

A service  that is very well known and works fantastically. I used between every hotel we stayed at.

We had a meal one evening at the hotel and it was at their Japanese Restaurant, Hagaromo with tempura as specialty. I wasn’t that impressed, but I was hungry and Nancy wanted to tempura. our room

We also had a drink one evening in La Mer Lounge with a stunning view over Tokyo – we were celebrating that we hadn’t been lost at the metro once that day. I had a wonderful Sakura Mojito.

I really recommend The Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon – it’s great value – has a great location and great staff. Even if the breakfast could had been a bit more exciting, but we didn’t go hungry and the coffee was great.

And the hotel had big pots of the most amazing orchids everywhere and the hotel was spotless.

“Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please.
If you are not a person to do such thing
is please not to read notice”
Tokyo hotel sign

hotel beauties 1

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19 thoughts on “all about location: the hotel grand arc hanzomon – tokyo

    • Bebs, that is why the hotel is so popular. It was $565 for 5 nights for 2 with breakfast. I would never pay that amount for one night. *smile Brilliant hotel, but I had done my homework on all the hotels.

    • Loisa, when there is so much to book … and organize I couldn’t done it without a spread sheet. There was tours pre-booked, airport transport, bus, train, boat .. plus all hotels at 4 destinations. I even knew how much a taxi would cost between hotels and the pre-booked restaurants. And also to keep an eye on the total cost. Had set myself a budget. Next big trip is next October – Dubai, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Bali.

    • Michael, because I had to pack for 2 seasons .. I was truly worried about my 2 bags, and one day I read about this service by accident. Especially when the bullet trains don’t have any space for luggage. All hotels provided the service. All you have to do is ask the hotels if they accept the service.
      From Kyoto I sent one bag straight to the airport hotel and when I checked in they also gave me my bag. They had it for a week. Brilliant service. They fill in the forms, but they only take cash payment for the service.

  1. A lovely memory, Vivi 🙂 Do you have a plan for Istanbul, or just go where the fancy takes you? I’m off to Norfolk with Dad on Friday and back Monday evening so I’ll look out for you then. Have a fabulous trip 🙂 Hugs to go!

    • JO, SORRY …. have missed this comment completely. Yes, I have loads of lovely and fantastic memories from that trip. All hotels were memorable.
      Great service and good rates, good beds .. and fantastic locations.
      I didn’t have any direct plans for Istanbul, took it easy, enjoyed the beautiful weather.I was down in Basilica Cistern. Next time will I go inside the Blue Mosque and I will indulge myself to Turkish Bath. Have to have a reason to go back. Now I promise to go with Sue … after she is finish with her move of house.

      • No worries, Vivi- it’s easy to miss comments, and I often forget I’ve made them! Sawdust for brains 🙂 My boys are watching England play Sweden in World Cup football. I’m keeping my head down. 🙂

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