fields of gold

against blue skyIn our county Scania, where I live we  are spoiled with beauty  most of the year, even the  harsh winters when they happen has their beauty. We have had two very mild winters now, with  nearly no snow at all or frost.

Scania (Skåne) is Sweden’s most Southern and productive cultivated county. About 70% of the landscape is either cultivated fields or meadows.

The Spring is when our country side has the biggest smile … when our famous rapeseed fields are in full bloom, like just now. With the velvet green fields mixed the intense yellow ones. Breathtaking views. The rapeseed fields is our landmark this  time of year. Every field I see brings me such joy and happiness.

The yellow rapeseed fields against our blue sky …. our national flag’s colors.

75% of Sweden’s airport shuttle buses are using ecologic rapeseed oil as fuel.

oil running  bus

Today I was walking in a field of gold with Oscar.

 “Nature made the fields and man the cities.”
Marcus Terentius Varro

rapeseed 9

23 thoughts on “fields of gold

  1. Thank you for the pictures. Takes me back to my trip to Malmo and Skivarp about 13 years ago. My great grandfather’s homeland.

    • Thank you so much, Bebs! It’s the peak of the blooming now and we are so lucky this weekend with a blue sky too …. breathtaking beautiful.

    • Karen, hi there ….. thanks for dropping by. It’s so beautiful just now here in Skåne, field after field … at it’s peak. I remember you header image very well … over a wide Italian landscape. I wonder the way have you received any of my postcards???? Have a lovely week.

      • We’ve had rain all weekend long. And it was so chill that I thought I’d turn the heating on. Instead it was big sweaters and socks…
        Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that summer will come soon! xo 🙂

      • We had a sunny weekend, but no warmth what so ever …. I really hope it will be here when I come back from Istanbul. I was freezing today. Hate it.
        I will keep my fingers cross too. *smile

    • Olga, thanks a million for your comment and visit. Our county is just what you wrote …. intense and dramatic with all the yellow fields just now. Mixed with all the velvet green fields. So beautiful!

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