weekly photo challenge – broken

broken glass

Broken glass often symbols broken hearts and sadness …. but there is also a hidden beauty in it.

Broken Glass
by George Aul

Shattered dreams like shards of glass
thrown wildly on the ground,
part of a soul reflected in each one;
“Dare to dream” they shout,
empty words…missing persons.
Blood flows freely along the ground;
A river to nowhere,
a life of nothing.
Where did the directions end?
When did the breathing stop?
Take away the dreams
every last one;
Take away the light
for darkness hides the shame;
siphon the last drops of blood
let no river flow;
sweep up the glass
for no reflection shall ever show.


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I wish you a pleasant weekend.



29 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – broken

  1. Great poem you found to go with your image, Wivi.. I haven’t decided what image to use yet.. Have read the comments – hope you have a better day today 🙂

  2. Great photo, Viveka, and the poem goes well with it!
    I start to get this photo challenge bug too, not sure I will do it very often but I’m preparing a “broken” post for this round.
    You too, have a great weekend!

    • So glad that you have got the bug too … thank you so much for the kind words, not a poetry person – but I found this poem online and it talked to me.

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