5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days – day 5

thank you framed

So we have come to my last post of the challenge that Sue@WordsVisual handed over to me on last Sunday. For my entries have I used images that has become very special to me, very personal images.

And this a story I have told before about an image that has been very close to me for over 10 years now.

It’s my profile photo that I have been my signature for all those years. Of course there is a man and romance involved in this photo. Plus massive bouquet of 32 pink roses. One rose for easy day we had spent together.

I took the photo of my lips with the rose petal to make “a thank you card” to the man in question that had returned to Boston.

With help from my bathroom mirror and my Nokia E65, and some juggling about, I got this photo.

A very appreciated gesture – so appreciated that my photo is blown up, framed and now hanging at a lawyer office in Boston for anyone that visit to admire. *smile

I had to crop the photo a bit, because I have sold the copyright and the money I spent on a fantastic holiday in New Orleans.

“Bed of Roses” with Bon Jovi was John’s favorite song at that time.

“The fragrance always stays
in the hand that gives the rose.”
George William Curtis

And now we come to the second part of the challenge – I have to hand it over to one of my blogging friends. I will pass it on to my very dear friend …. Andy@The Wandering PoetAndy lives in Vancouver and he has the most romantic heart and soul. He capture the most amazing images with his smart phone.

Andy, there is no must involved in this challenge – but I know you have great stories to tell and fantastic images to share.

The challenge is to just “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.

20 thoughts on “5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days – day 5

  1. Aaah – I have long wondered about your Avatar image! No w I know – what a story. And selling the copyright – I hope you did well out of it!!

    • Bebs, I think the end is so perfect as it can bet – the distance was far too big at the time. Now it would be different. We still have sporadic contact over email, but he is still FREE! *smile -Maybe I should buy a ticket to Boston.

      • Yes, I got a fantastic 8 days in New Orleans out of it …. it was an respectable PR agent, so – I can’t care less what they do with it.
        Annoyances famous … like the feeling of that.

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