5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days – day 1

Sue@WordsVisual gave me a challenge this afternoon – about posting a photo and story for 5 days. I have loads of images and I have loads of stories, so why not.

Centennial Fountain night

So this is my first day – and the images I post is from Chicago – it’s was the 4th of July 2012. A warm and beautiful evening.

This story is more about a feeling.

Chicago is my favorite city since many years back and it’s still holds it’s place. Have visit the city 4 times and I wish that it could happen more often.

The image is of the Centennial Fountain on the Chicago River bank. I think this is the images I like most of all the ones I taken through the year. And when I look at it that nice and pleasant feeling that that evening gave me comes back to me and I love it.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and I was told by a taxi driver that the best view for the fireworks was in the end of the road. So I walked to the end of Upper Wacker Drive and the view was fantastic from there against the Navy Pier. I was sharing the view with about 50 people, so it was not crowed.

But the fireworks … not even worth mention – I became so disappointed!!! Seen so many 4th July fireworks on TV and in films …… they have all been amazing, so my expectation  was so high.

It was’t an adventures evening …. it was how Chicago and that warm evening embraced me.

“Big cities can have big hearts.”
Mary Elise Monsell

Now I have to pass on the challenge to somebody – my first nomination goes to Cee@Cee’s Photography blog – because she and her camera is such a fantastic team. Plus she drives a couple of weekly photo challenges going that keeps many of us busy.

Cee, as Sue said to me – no pressure to pick up the challenge, but I know that you’re always up for a bit fun.

“The challenge is to just “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”.

17 thoughts on “5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days – day 1

    • Yes, I think every big city has so many things we like about them and things we dislike. Chicago pushed Vancouver down one from the top position and still comes second. Looking at revisiting.

      • Still it’s a beautiful city … but I been on the back streets by China Town, not that beautiful, but I suppose every city has their back streets. It has a strong hold on me.

  1. If you really, really want to see fireworks, travel to China… Now that’s a place where they put on a spectacular show… Anything the US does in this regards, is a damp squib compared to the Chinese show

    • I think that all or most big fireworks those days are made in from China, but London has one of the best New Years displays …. and had for many years. Then we have Sydney of course. The thing is that I rather go to Chicago than Shanghai, with our without fireworks. *smile

      • I spend quite a bit of time in Shanghai in the late 70’s, just after Mao’s death – I know I wouldn’t recognize it today, but I quite like to the picture I have from old Shanghai. Maybe one day I go back. Maybe a stopover on the return from Australia next year.

  2. Yes, you do have SO many photos and so many stories! I should have known Chicago would be there and I love this shot too 🙂 I’m betting Hiroshima is going to turn up in your 5. Hugs, Vivi! 🙂

    • Jo, you are a bit wrong …. so fare, no plans for Hiroshima for the this challenge. Just like you … oceans of photos. And you are a brilliant story teller too. I’m in very good company. *smile

      • Yippee! I love being wrong 🙂 (what a liar I am! ) No idea what I’m going to do for this challenge. I guess I’ll just have to fall in and see 🙂 How’s the ass now, Vivi? Has it’s moments? And are you still biking? Sunny plotting where to go today hugs 🙂

      • Jo, do like I do … use images that you used in posts from long ago …. I would love to see that soap bubble image again. My whole low part was in such a pain yesterday for some reason so I had to take s “lucky pill”and it knock me out totally, woke up 30 min ago, but the pain is gone now. I think it was because I been sitting to long for a couple of days … editing images. Thank you for caring and asking. Tuesday hugs.

  3. You know, I’ve seen that fountain only once on a river cruise and only after you’ve posted that photo here in WP. I’d like to photograph it someday, before the summer ends.

    • You should do a river walk … I love it along the river, but there is mosquitoes at times.
      I looked at Chicago in September but the hotels has gone so expensive – same as NYC now. Our hotel from last year … cost $1200 more than last year. That is outrageous, but the dollar has gone up against the Swedish krona, but not that much. Far too much for sleeping.

      • I should do that. The weather is so erratic. After a warm weekend the temp has dipped again.

        It is hard to get a room now, all sold out.

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