sakura; soul of japan

floating away xI have wanted to go back to Japan for years … but it’s not really a budget weekend away – so when I got my lump sum from UK Pension Services – I saw my chance .

So off I went .. Japan was on top of my do-it note … and second was to visit Japan during the during the cherry blossom . Japan has has a wide variety of cherry blossoms (Sakura); well over 200 cultivars can be found there.first morning - first cherry tree

Didn’t arrive to Tokyo until 8th of April and I were so nervous for missing the cherry blossoms, arrived just after midnight from Hong Kong and Tokyo offered a light rain. As the chauffeur drove through the night I could see the blossoms. My heart was literally singing there in the back of car.

The massive blooming I missed, but for 15 days I meet every day the most lovely and delicate blossoms, both in rain and sunshine.

And I want to share their beauty with you …. Enjoy!

 “The cherries’ only fault: the crowds that gather when they bloom”

35 thoughts on “sakura; soul of japan

    • Loisa, thank you so much ….. cherry blossom is a wonderful and thankful object to put a camera against – they always come out pretty – the music is written for Sakura, but I know nothing about the composer and Google comes up with nothing neither. What I understand does he lives on Hawaii, but must be Danish in his descent.

  1. The cherry blossoms have come out this week here in Toronto. The trees were gifted to the city many years ago by the people of Japan and every spring thousands of people head to High Park to take in the beautiful sight. The traffic jams to get into the park are incredible.

    • The same in all cities in Japan too, the amount of people that come to see when they have come out, but I missed that – 60% had dropped their flowers … but still there was millions left. Heard about Toronto and Washington …. here our cherry trees are in full bloom too and plenty of them. When I lived in Victoria, BC – I arrived in early April and every street was bordered with cherry trees… and when the flowers had dropped it was driving on pink clouds- will never forget that site.

  2. Lovely images, Wivi…stunning blossom, beautiful variety of gentle colours… And that music is divine. 🙂 oh, and the best time to visit would perhaps be the very last days of March??

  3. Dearest Oscar,
    Thank you for beautifully capturing simply images with elegance … especially in the face of the mischievious ways of a Sorry Ass.

    Meanwhile Viveka, wonderful music to accompany Oscar’s work.

    PS: Thanks for the card, which caused a good smile.

  4. It’s a dream come true, Vivi! Fabulous! I can imagine standing under them and just twirling around and around. 🙂 🙂 Oh, well- Ward Jackson park will have to do 😦 No place like home 😦
    I did wonder why you didn’t go to Japan first to be sure of the blooms and then Hong Kong afterwards, but you had it all so carefully planned and costed that I figured it must be better your way. Hugs, darlin’. Istanbul soon? I am a jealous witch 🙂

    • If I had …. done the my trip the other way around the ticket cost had gone through the roof. Like you do I enjoy the local blossoms just now. So beautiful where ever they are in the world, it’s only the the richness of them in Japan that makes it so special.
      Yes, Istanbul in 19 days time – so looking forward to some warmer weather and of course Istanbul. My friends came back from there a week ago and they had really bad experience – they got rubbed by a taxi driver and got a mobile stolen on the hotel room, not good … for Istanbul. So they will never go back and they love the city.

      • That’s what I suspected (about the price) and you had the best of all worlds 🙂 Bad news for your friends. We felt the same about Lisbon when my purse was stolen but now I would like to go back (if only there weren’t so many other places to go 🙂 ) Hugs, sweetheart! Just back from t’ai chi and the washing’s flapping on the line. The grass is a carpet of blossom because it was wild and windy yesterday.

      • I think my friends will go back one day … just give them some time – but it makes me a bit uneasy, because I will use taxi on my own at times. I didn’t have any problems when I was there over Christmas … more than they try to pimp up the fares. Hugs … time for a bit of supermarket shopping.

    • I know, your tour guide was so excited for us … because it’s very seldom that Mt Fuju shows it’s cap. We manage to come up to second station, but there we had to turn around because of snow storm, we didn’t have any view at all. At least I had my foot on the mountain. *smile

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