weekly photo challenge – forces of nature

At the foot of Mt Fuji you will find this two waterfalls; Otodome Falls and Shiraito Falls. They is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and has been protected since 1936 as a Japanese Natural Monument.  In 2013 the waterfall was added to the World Heritage List as part of the Fujisan Cultural Site.

I didn’t take all the 100 steps down to the foot of the fall … because the steps were so slippery of the rain. The thing was I that if I taken them down … I had to take them up too. *smile

There weather wasn’t on our side during our visit – another side of nature’s forces, but I didn’t really care because of the beauty of the falls and all the cherry blossoms everywhere.

Mt Fuji & cherry blossoms

“There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature.”


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22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – forces of nature

    • *smile …. I was really lucky with this week’s topic. Because on my new netbook I only have the images from my trip. It’s a stunning site and I missed some of it because I didn’t walk all down to the foot of the fall.

    • Thank you, Jo … it came out quite good .. even if it was a very wet and grey day .. love that the clouds are so low in the picture. One of my favorites too.

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