two bright stars on star street

We had some fantastic food during our trip to Hong Kong and Japan, but for me “The Principle” provided the best. Not only the food, the whole package … it became a very fun and exciting evening – with surprises on plate after plate.outside

The Principle, 2*Michelin 
9 Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 2563 3444
Cuisine: Modern western – $$$$ (>HK$800)
Executive chef: Jonay Armas

I had booked the restaurant from Sweden and when I saw that their Degustation Menu had oysters as first course, one of the few things I don’t eat .. I asked them if it was possible for them to change the first course. Got answer straight away, no problems what so ever. So the fantastic service started already than. principle

When we stepped out from our taxi to we was welcomed by the hostess outside the restaurant – like  they had been waiting for us … forever, in a way they had. Very nice touch.

The restaurant wasn’t that busy; a casual, very relaxed and smart decor. We were told that the owner of the restaurant, doesn’t have a restaurant background – his mother was the founder and the principle of the school that once were on the site were the restaurant is today. And he named the restaurant to honor his mother.mojito

I had an absolute perfect Mojito and Nancy had a Margarita that she was very pleased with.

Before our 7 course dinner we got some Amuse Bouche, which is some nibbles of different kinds. Every little nibble was a delicious surprise. The most interesting nibble was the “Nagroni Cocktail Ball” – I don’t have a clue how they made that work – but inside a deep fried little ball there was a cocktail. When I put in my mouth it exploded in a very nice way.cocktail  ball

The Negroni cocktail is made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari. It is widely believed that the Negroni was created and named for Count Cammillo Negroni in the 1920’s when he ordered an Americano with gin at Cafe Casoni in Florence, Italy.

The staff was very entertaining, funny and relaxed, but also very proud of their restaurant and what it stand for.butter

Normally I don’t take image from food when it comes to highly recommended restaurants, because a bad images can’t spoil a good review – but at the Principle I just had to. The light wasn’t the best, so they came out very dark, but thanks to Photoscape I been able to edit them and they came out quite good.

cauliflower & salmon roe

Our menu:

Salmon Roe
Caluliflower, Chive

Caviar, Quail Egg, Sweet Potatoes

Consomme de Popillote
Griolle, Asparagus, Zucchini

Pork Stew, Pancetta

Belfago Belly, Roasted Bell Pepper,Seaweed

Chestnut, Jerusalme Artichoke

Barley Pudding
Rum Ice Cream, Cinnamon, Meringue

Rapa Nui
Black & White, Roaste Corn Ice, Pandan

Petiti Fours consomme de papillote

 I loved everything that was put in front of us – the innovated way to serve the dish –  like the consomme that came in a clear paper that was nicely tided – and when we open the “papillote” all the fantastic aromas was released.

Tuna, I just love it in any form and shape and also seaweed, when we got the plate I couldn’t see the seaweed and I was a bit disappointed but it was there … underneath that fantastic creation. starter

The Albone, a pork  stew  served in an iron dish – to die for … close to that I licked the dish.didn't like it!

We eat a lot of venison in Scandinavia and restaurants really knows how to make fantastic dishes of it – so I was a bit curious over be eating venison in Hong Kong. Cooked to perfection and all the flavors was there, because personal I think venison should have the flavor of game and forest. Rapa Nui - dessert

The both desserts???!!!!! What can I say …. I’m all for dessert – I read the dessert section of a menu first, but today most restaurants has it separate. Which I’m very annoyed about.

Without a doubt, for me this was our best dinner of the 22 we had.

Sorry, Mm. Alain Ducasse –  Beige is a very elegant restaurant with outstanding food, but there was no surprises what so ever. “The Principle” blow the socks off me with every dish.

We also enjoyed some fantastic wines; Ata Rangi and Churton from New Zealand, Marques de Caceres … a wonderful Roija. We bought by the glass.

principle 3

The totally damage came to nearly 4,000 HK$/$516/£335/€460/4,300SEK with tip. Worth every HK$.

When of the young waiters told us that he went to Lappland, Finland for his honeymoon because he wanted to see the Northern Lights. He went all that way from Hong Kong to Lappland for the Northern Light and it lasted only for 35 seconds. I asked him if he still was married and he are. He  wants to go back.

Promised him that I will send him a post card with the Northern Lights on – so I did yesterday.

We walked back  to our hotel in the warm and pleasant Hong Kong evening. HK detail

Thank you so much, all of you, at the Principle.
You’re ALL stars on my gastro sky.
You truly delivered magic!!!

“Shared dining fortifies us.”
Deng Ming-Dao

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The cloud for this post is “Set It Off” – from the soundtrack to the movie “The Principle”, 1987, staring James Belushi & Louis Gossett Jr. Original preformed by Strafe.

30 thoughts on “two bright stars on star street

  1. This sounds like magic! But so is the price…As I’m not a gourmet I have some difficulties in understanding how it could be worth it – but, you´re the chef!

    • A-C, I can agree with you in a way … how much can we charge for food at a restaurant, but I compare with what it would have cost us here in Sweden, UK or US – and what we got for our money. It was a great evening with food magic. I never dine out in Sweden as such – but when I travel I want to be delighted. *smile

  2. What a dining experience, They definitely did it right too by making a great first impression, it goes a long ways for food after all 🙂

    • Andy, yes …. it does!!! Of course with 2* up the sleeve and fantastic reviews …. I had expectations, but they delivered far above that. I loved that the hostess came out on the street to greet us, that is world class.

    • Sylvia, both restaurants we had our spending pants on at – is 2 stars and the same prices as you pay for a good restaurant here in Sweden, good – but not excellent. I would say you will pay about 50% more for a star restaurant here. Anyhow .. I was on my lives journey, why not have some food memories too.

      • 🙂 Same thing here – tons of rain and grey skies. But sure enough as of tomorrow, when I go back to work, the weather is supposed to get better 😀 xo

      • We had a fantastic weekend, even if chilly, maybe I already told you that ???!!! – today was it overcast and that gave me the chance to catch up with ironing.
        Have a lovely week.

    • Thank you, that was a great evening for all senses – I could go back to HK for alone having a meal at the Principle once more. Maybe on my return from Australia, whenever I do that trip.

  3. Dear Ms. Gustavson,

    Greetings from The Principal Hong Kong.

    We hope you are doing well.
    As a valued guest, it is a great pleasure to serve you and your guest on that evening and we also would like to extend warm thank you for the wonderful review and compliment of your experienced with us.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon for the next visit in Hong Kong and most welcome to have you and your friends.

    Should you have a further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Wish you have a pleasant week and good health!

    Kind regards,

    Senior Reception

    The Principal
    9 Star Street
    Wanchai, Hong Kong
    T. 2563 3444 | F. 2528 3344

    • Thank you so much, Marie – we had a fantastic evening and I promise that you that I will come back for another fantastic evening with you, if I come back to HK. Thank you so much for your lovely comment – even now are you providing world class service. Good health to you all and business.

  4. I looked at this on my phone and I must say that the photos are delectable and the entire critique made my mouth water ! What a wonderful experience , trip and fantastic photos !!! Perhaps you should become a Restaurant Critic in your next career ! Hugs 🎀

    • Thank you … THaannk YOU! I have looked into what is needed to be an inspector for Guide Michelin – and I’m not even close. My next career is to enjoy and pay.

      • Yes, I’m lucky … to be able to travel and enjoy the things I like. Have a couple of years left, after that a big piece of my pension will disappear when I becomes 70,so I better enjoy while I’m able to.

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