a stroll to the hospital – in the real world

magolia 1Back in the real world  ….. have been in a bubble over the passed weekend, so many impressions and experiences to let sink in, after my trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

On Monday the real world knocked on my door – laundry time and loads of it.shinto fortune bell

I didn’t buy much to myself during the the trip, but I bought a beautiful little fortune bell at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo – beautiful … in a shape of a female priest (I think). I guess I’m suppose to ring the bell and wish something.

So I did that on Monday morning and wished that somebody would do my laundry – but nobody knocked on my door, so the real world brutally arrived.

school art

Have tried to find any information about the Shinto Fortune Bell with help of Google, but so far I have come up with nothing. Lots of fortune cat bells.

Tuesday morning was it time for a visit to the day clinic and get my monthly power port rinse – and I decided to take Oscar with in the early sunny morning.

To help me share the Spring I have around me just now. I thought I would have come much further, because it had been so lovely weather during March up to my departure.

My morning stroll to the day clinic was full of  spring –  the Swedish spring has a lot in the happy color of yellow. morning swin

My beloved swan couple was in the park – she isn’t nesting, but it looked like she was enforcing one of the old nests, she has two.

After the clinic visit was it time to do some serious supermarket shopping – and I also had to go online and pay a few bills. Had all mail stored at the post office during my weeks away, so two big envelops arrived with mail from the really world.

It’s really okay to be back in the real world.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”
John Lennonlanskrona park team

13 thoughts on “a stroll to the hospital – in the real world

  1. What lovely scenes you saw on your stroll, Viveka. Yes, after a good holiday, there’s always the laundry, shopping and seemingly a hundred other things to bring us back down to earth.

  2. Ah, the real world! I was only away for a week, but a very full-on trip to Sicily.. It has taken nearly a week already to start feeling a bit more rested…will probably take me another week yet! But I still want to travel

  3. Oh yes- the real world! Tell me about it, Vivi. 🙂 Back to back trips are maybe not such a good idea, but James picked me up from the airport with an apologetic grin for the washing which was bursting out of his holdall 🙂 He starts a new job on Tuesday, still in Leeds, so I’m getting him cleaned up again. Dad’s still in Poland till Thursday so one less to think about, and thinking’s not my strong point right now 🙂 I have to find some time for my Monday walk and a little Rafa time this evening.
    Feeling good… 🙂 🙂

    • God, you’re some busy woman …. I suppose a son’s washing is hard to say no too. But I would for sure. Why can’t the put it in to the washer himself????? It’s just to press a button. No wonder most men are so spoiled by their mothers – and they expect the same service from any woman in their life. That’s why I like Swedish men … 95% of them know everything about housework, You take out your quality time NOW!!!!!!!! …. *smile

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