my “sorry ass” loves japan

your choiceThis with heated toilet seats – what a magical thing. Most toilets in Japan are heated and some seats even plays water sounds that will make your needs to go smoother or some birds singing their hearts out. Japanese-Style-Toilet- mylostintranslation com

But there was also the traditional Japanese style of toilets – with no seats at all …. and it wasn’t always a choice of Western style or Japanese – so it was back to nature a couple of time, not easy for a stiff old body like mine – but it had to work. Forgotten to put Oscar to work in a Japanese style toilet, so this images is borrowed from – thank you. my bum's best friend

It didn’t matter what kind of toilet we visit, they where all spotless – even the public toilets, that most of the time didn’t have hand soap or hand driers/hand paper. All Japanese ladies had their own hand towel in their handbag.

I suppose that looking at ladies restrooms all over the world – they becomes very messy with the hand soap that goes all over the hand basins and all the paper that goes everywhere instead of in the waste bins. Why are ladies  restrooms always in such a mess???? plenty back up

The posh Japanese toilet seats also have options of after rinse, hot or cold spray or rinse – and it was lovely when the warm water took care of the cleaning, but for my “sorry ass” it created server pain, so I had to stop using that “service”.toilet que

Another thing that amazed me was the “parking slots” for umbrellas that could be find at hotel, undergrounds  and office. You rent a holder for your umbrella that you lock with a key. That made me realize that it rains a lot in Japan, not only because we were unlucky with the weather. umbrella magic

It was pure magic to see that so soon some raindrops start  falling every person suddenly had an umbrella. All hotels, restaurants and some shops offered umbrellas to their customer – even if you didn’t bring it back. You can leave it somewhere in a stand if it stopped raining. Just like with rental cars. Pick up and return don’t have to be the same place.

umbrella parking lot

Most people use clear plastic umbrellas … but that didn’t help much – they still didn’t look where they were going, just like in the rest of the world. I personal  hate umbrellas because people don’t really care how they handle it and so many times they are close to poke eyes out. No difference in Japan.

Poor Oscar he was hit by an umbrella belonging to a young Japanese lady and he flew across the pavement – my heart stopped for  a couple of seconds –  but he just carried on as normal.

more umbrellas

An other thing that amazed me is that there is no public waste bin what so ever …. not in Tokyo or any other place we visit, but the pavements and streets are spotless – no cigarette butts or chewing gums …. people bring home their waste or to work. So we had our waste bags too. It was nearly impossible to find anywhere to get rid of the waste.

“Going around under an umbrella interferes
with one’s looking up at the sky.”
Jerzy Kosinskihiroshima pavement

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23 thoughts on “my “sorry ass” loves japan

  1. I am so envious of your trip Viveka. Sorry the services didn’t suit your ‘sorry ass’. Other than the heat of course. Fascinating about the umbrellas and being able to park them when you had finished using them. Great system. I do know what you mean about the dangers of umbrellas though. I never realized it rained such a lot in Japan.

    • Josephine, thank you for your comment. This with umbrellas is just amazing – it’s not like they have folded ones in their bags. And it works.
      I didn’t know it was raining a lot in Japan neither, but when I saw the organisation around this umbrella thing, it just have to rain a lot and Japan is very green too.

    • Yes, it was Tokyo that first decided to take away all waste bins and save money that way – after that whole Japan followed. And it works, really works. There lives 219 million people in Japan plus all visitors – amazing that it works.

      • Singapore could so take that step, they got no rubbish on the ground and have strict littering laws, that would be interesting to see it done 🙂

      • Andy, I don’t think Japan has a strict law as Singapore has …. I remember when they put that into action. I think that in Japan they just asked people to bring their litter home. Didn’t hear anything about a law when talking to Japanese people about it. Very interesting angle you brought up here. I think asking people to do one thing … is a lot better than making laws.

  2. I absolutely am thrilled by what you write ! I am settled now and thinking about you and your travels 🙂

    • Debbie, the all singing and dancing toilet seats -just amazing and I MISS them!!!! The umbrella thing was just amazing – you just took an umbrella in the closest shop when it started to rain and …. gave it back to the closest shop when it stopped raining. Whole of Japan was full with umbrellas, so nobody really have a need to steal from somebody. Just amazing ….

    • Umbrellas everywhere – stands like this I came across twice. Yes, what an amazing nation, but it’s all in their roots. The respect for everything around them.

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