a strong memory from 1978

It was a Sunday morning and I had my day off …. I got up early – it was a beautiful sunny morning, so I got quickly ready and stepped out into Nagasaki on my own. hiroshima cleaners

I hadn’t been walk fare until I met the first ladies in their beautiful dresses and hats – they were everywhere sweeping the streets. It was such beautiful sight and I didn’t have the camera with me. In those days even if I had a camera I didn’t use it very often.tokyo tulip

They had all the same dresses and hats – the hats was very big and they went down the back. Their’s dresses and aprons was all in very earthy colors of beige, brown and rusty orange.Meiji shrine sweeperimperial palace tokyo sweeper

I have so often thought of the sight they gave me – in that early sunny  morning … the sun was very low on the sky and those ladies in their magnificent outfits, like they were one with the sun.  It’s a image that has always stayed with me.imperial cherry blossojs

So this post is to celebrate all those people that keeps Japan and the rest of our world clean with their magic brooms. Because they truly do their part in keeping our world wonderful – This is to them ALL!!!!!hiroshima peace park

Let everyone sweep in front of his own door,
and the whole world will be clean.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

13 thoughts on “a strong memory from 1978

    • Thank you so much, Colleen – I think they are all worth to remember, we all take them for for granted. I totally agree about Mr. Armstrong.

  1. There are two images here that really stand out for me, The wishes so filled with hope and the folks cleaning the streets of leaves, straw hat and broom. Enduring traditions, I love it 🙂

    • There quite a few places that still have street sweepers. In Japan was it mostly in the parks where machines can’t reach … Every hotel, restaurant and shop cleaned in front of their property. And I suppose that offices had their sweeper for the front of their building. Think it’s a brilliant idea. Seville in Spain has street sweepers during the night in the city center, men .. and at days women works. Also a very clean city.

    • Thanks, Dia … I have always been very thankful to those that keep our surroundings tiny and clean, indoors and outdoors, maybe it’s because I been one myself as very young and I know the hard work that goes into a clean hotel room .. and a hallway. No different outdoors or inside.

    • Thank you, A-C!!! I thought the song was suitable for the topic – what would our look like if we didn’t have all the people that is cleaning up after us.

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