eating, eating, eating ….

fishy dessert, kyoto

.The trip to Hong Kong and Japan was a lot about food, Nancy and I love our food… great food to 99%. I have fell in love with the Japanese kitchen, even if I didn’t like everything that they put in front of me. Miso soup is something I can live without. They used far too much fish sauce in their soups. I love fish, but I don’t want food to taste fishy.

During the trip we tried everything, but we also had some European and American/Mexican food.

Tea is another thing they couldn’t convert me into – but I love the green tea ice cream and soft cookies. green tea soft ice - hiroshima

There is one thing I have brought with me home – and that is to have a bowl with green lettuce as first thing for breakfast with some sesame dressing on top, what a fantastic thing to make the stomach work smooth. So I have been doing a little salad for breakfast every morning so start everyday

Without out a doubt did I personal think we had our best meal at the Principle in Hong Kong – just amazing. One surprise after the other. Everything about this restaurant is just right, such a relaxed atmosphere and the staff so entertaining and provided top class service. It blow the socks out of me the whole evening. The Principle is a 2* Michelin rated restaurant. cauliflower & salmon  roe (the principle)

Beige in Tokyo is so beautiful and elegant with it’s interior decor made by Chanel – nothing wrong with the food or the service, but there was no surprises what so ever. No magic. Maybe my dessert with the real gold leafs, even if I didn’t get a chocolate Dior bag filled with chocolate mousse. Also Beige has 2 *.Chocolate-parline Chanel Sq - Beige

Our night at the Miyajima Island we stayed at Kurayado Iroha, a top class Ryokan and in our price was a 7 course local specialty menu included and it was outstanding, like the whole place in itself. They served me the only Miso soup that I really enjoyed. So I would say that Kurayado Iroha takes the second place. beef dish - Kurayado Iroha

3rd place goes to the little local and casual fish restaurant by name “Guttsuri-an” – ranked as #1 at Tripadvisor of all restaurants in Hiroshima. And it was  worth the 15-20 min taxi ride. They only accept cash. What a place, the seafood and fish was so fresh in nearly was still jumping on our plates. herb & garlic roasted fish - Guttsuri-an

Little unfortunate incident happened there,  the table next to us got into a fight and poor Nancy she had to move for her life, but the owners gave her a set of their sake carafe and cups as a compensation. And we got more sake too.

The worst meal must be at our Tokyo hotel, the evening after our Fuji tour – their Japanese restaurant didn’t live up to it and their Miso soup was the worst of the worst. In overall the hotel didn’t provide any mind blowing food. The breakfast was very basic, but nothing wrong with it. best tampura

The best tempura I enjoyed at the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong – fantastic prepared and so crisp. The best Dim Sums I had of course in Hong Kong and at Maxime’s at Ocean Terminal or Harbour City as it’s called today. But it was the only dim sums I had.Maxime sim sums

They were excellent even of the whole restaurant and service was very confusing – we were the only none Chinese guests and that created a bit of a problem for the staff. But they got their in the end and the food was very good. Shabu Shabu - Kyoto

In Kyoto I would say “Agotsuyu Shabu Shabu Yamafuku” is a MUST if visiting. Shabu Sabu is a local dish that is in rough terms has a likeness of Sukiyaki. Thinly sliced bacon, tofu and lettuce being cooked by yourself in soya milk and fly fish infusion water – and it’s sOooooOOooO good. We didn’t have Sukiyaki or sushi at all.

From the none local kitchens I must say that  in Hiroshima offered the best at Cafe 45 – a restaurant that Nancy had passed when she was out on her own, combination of Spanish (tapas) and French cuisine. I had fantastic pate as starter and the lamb fillet was superb.   pate - cafe 45

There will be proper reviews on some of the restaurants – in the meantime enjoy this gallery.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
George Bernard Shaw

25 thoughts on “eating, eating, eating ….

  1. I can so respect what the restaurant did to compensate for the trouble, totally speaks of what a restaurant should be doing to make it a great experience, the top two desserts though! wow :O

    • Jo, yes … it was a magical trip – didn’t want to go back home. Love the country and the people … and Hong Kong is cool. Glad my images has a positive effect on you. *smile Thanks.

    • Uru, yes … I’m very lucky that I have been able to do a trip like this. The trip of my life – next will be Australia, but not this year. Thank you, Uru!

  2. It all looks very interesting, Vivi, but I don’t know how much of it I would like. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want lettuce for breakfast. I much prefer my unhealthy habits 🙂 And I’m absolutely not a food connoisseur 😦
    Laundry done, bubble burst? 🙂 But more importantly, how are you?

    • I’m eating my little bowl with lettuce every morning … and my stomach just love it. After that I eat all the unhealthy stuff. I noticed it on the hotel in Hong Kong that every Asian person was eating lettuce before everything else. You don’t see many fat people in either Hong Kong or Japan. They eat a lot of deep fried food .. and big breakfast with fish, rice, soup … and gods know what..
      Jo, thank you for asking – I’m very much okay … it was a magical tour. It really was – and I only had to take lucky pills 3 times. Yes, the laundry done – but iron left – HATE it!

    • Sylvia, I just had my small bowl with my morning lettuces now … try to get a Japanese sesame dressing to go with it. You know how it’s with stomach and travelling… not working very good, but this lettuce start in the morning, it truly made wonders. They did the same for breakfast in Hong Kong.

  3. I started drooling after reading about all the wonderful food. I’m a fan of all Asian foods. We had a wonderful variety of Asian restaurants in Hawaii when I lived there. Overall, I think Thai and Korean are my favorite Asian foods but love both Chinese and Japanese foods, too.

    • Maralee, after all my time in China in 78-79, I didn’t eat Chinese until I moved to UK in 1991. I eat it, but it’s not something I’m longing for as such.
      Japanese food I was not that familiar with – but I’m now .. and I really like it, but not everyday. Thai I like a lot too, but don’t eat it very often.
      Korean I don’t think I ever tried. Have to do that. The food was great during the whole trip – at least 98%.

    • I know …. the dessert was a masterpiece … with the thin leafs of gold. Mr Alain Duscasse delivered on that one. *smile – Coco Chanel praline.

  4. WOw, what a great trip for foodies! I am most interested to see that you didn’t have sushi at all…..plenty of other dishes to choose from. 😀

    • Sue, I don’t eat sushi …. not my thing. Outside Japan I wouldn’t touch them .. don’t trust the handling of the rice – also they are full of calories. But that doesn’t really bother me – as you know.
      I could have take a couple, but nothing I would order. Anyhow sushi I can eat all over the world … there was so much more that was more interesting.

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