garden of umbrellas

colorful protectionShukkei-en (縮景園?) is a historic Japanese garden in Hiroshima. Construction began in 1620 on order from Asano Nagaakira, daimyo of the Hiroshima han.

The gardens were opened to the public in 1940, the Asano family donated them to Hiroshima Prefecture. Being a short walk from Ground zero of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima, Shukkei-en became extensive damaged, and then became a refuge for victims of the war. After renovations, it reopened in 1951.

The Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is located adjacent to the garden. very delicate

Our last day in Hiroshima became a fantastic sunny day and we spent most of the day at the Hiroshima Castle and Shukkei-en.Carp Castle

It hard to understand that all this history was more or less totally destroyed by the A-bomb and today it’s like nothing ever happened. Everything restored back to it’s glory. Now wonder Hiroshima is such a silent city – even the traffic is quiet. No beeping on the horn in Hiroshima, everything just runs smooth and there seams to be no stress at all – things takes the time it takes.prettiest of them allso pretty

Also I think that Hiroshima is the city of bicycles.

Nancy and I lost each other again (happened in Kyoto too) at the castle and after waiting for about 45 min I made my way alone over to the garden. What a beautiful oasis. As over 65 I didn’t have to pay an entrance fee.

Hadn’t been in the garden very long until I saw newly wed that were taking their wedding photos .so in love still happy

No cherry blossoms to enjoy – but there is plenty of Azalea Kurume, from white to dark cerise. All over Hiroshima is it blooming and nearly so popular as the cherry blossoms with the locals.

But the most amazing view was all the umbrellas that was protected the most delicate and beautiful flowers …. from the strong sun.

I most have spent about 2 hours walking the paths and bridges, what an amazing spot by  Kyobashi-gawa river. On the other side of the river was apartment buildings and because of the weather every balcony had laundry to dry.laundry day

Stopped at a little cafe on the way back to the hotel for a salad and a nice cup of charcoal roasted coffee, excellent coffee.

At the hotel I found out that Nancy also been to the garden … but she spent more time at Art Museum – we returned both to the hotel nearly at the same time. Nancy said the museum was very good. I went inside to enter the garden.

I haven’t visit one museum during the trip …. we as going to visit the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo – which is a museum for contemporary art, but it was closed for refurbishment when we got there.

“Gardens and chocolate both have mystical qualities.”
Edward Flaherty

This Japanese song, “Hana Wa Saku” means “Flower Will Bloom” and it written to become the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support song in 2011. 34 well-known singers, actors, sports figures and celebrities, all related to the disaster-stricken areas, perform it in relay style. Lyrics: Iwai Shunji & Music: Kanno Yokoumbrellas 1

33 thoughts on “garden of umbrellas

    • Laura, thank you so much … the garden was stunning, but maybe lacking of flowers …. it was just after the cherry blossoms. Couldn’t believe it when I saw all the umbrellas … it was so beautiful and so full of tenderness and care over the delicate flowers.

    • Gunilla, thank you so much … you know there is only so much images to be shoot from flowers and temples … and castles – in the end I can’t separate one from the other … so I like to pick details instead. The laundry was more fun then more azaleas.

      • 🙂 I saw that you said it was the city of bicycles and that was enough for me.

        I felt bad I didn’t comment on the depth of your post though. Such history, how something that suffered so much can have such peace and tranquility….

        And such beautiful photography Viveka. I am enjoying our travels!


      • Colleen, you were so safe in my bag all the time. You would have liked Hiroshima – Kyoto is very special with all it’s 2000 temple and shrine, but I rather live in Hiroshima. Loads of high mountains around Hiroshima, but the city center is flat … great for biking.
        Don’t worry about commenting, glad you enjoy my posts. A lot more to come … about food next post.

  1. It’s not a city I had ever thought of visiting, Vivi, but your photos of it are so beautiful. I would have to change my mind now, if ever the opportunity arose. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    • Hiroshima, is my city … we really got on well together – even if it’s a modern city, not mush of the old city left … but they have restored things beautifully. Hiroshima has loads of bikes and it’s a very quite city .. no noise. Great shops, great food … and full of flowers.

    • Thank you, for all the kind words about all my images so far – the garden was stunning … was lucky with the newly wed too.
      Hard to understand that it was totally flatten after the bomb – and they rebuilt it in only couple of years time.

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