ryokan, rain and shrine

O-turii Gate 1Here we are on the island of Miyajima and it rains like there is no end to it.

Miyajima holds Japan’s 3rd most popular tourist attraction, the Itsukushima Shrine and the O-turii Gate, that means we aren’t really the only tourists on the island .rain

The island is also famous for their deer that is walking among us, stupid tourists.tourist friendly deer

When we arrived yesterday the weather was okay, but later in the afternoon the rain arrived and it has only increased.ryokan

We have spent the night at the most beautiful ryokan, Kurayado Iroha, that has provided us with an outstanding service and hospitality – excellent 7 course top class Japanese dinner and  a beautiful breakfast. Our room is so beautiful in every little detail and about 30 m²/322ft². What a treat it has been after the small rooms we stayed in … so far.sashimi

Yesterday evening we toke a illumination cruise around the O-turii Gate, but the weather was so bad and with raindrops constant landing on the lens it was hard to get any real good shots, but it’s truly an impressive site in all weather conditions.O-turii Gate 2

 “The average tourist wants to go to places
where there are no tourists.”
Sam Ewing

31 thoughts on “ryokan, rain and shrine

    • Loisa, not much we can do about the weather – have to do the best of it …. tomorrow there will sunshine again, have to make the best of it.

  1. Hi Viveka, I’m sorry about the rain. I follow another blogger who is also in Japan right now but is biking and camping and is also experiencing a fair bit of rain. Wishing you some sunshine very soon. Carol

    • Carol, your blogging friends are brave – because it rains …. like no tomorrow. I’m so glad I have a comfortable hotel room to dry up in. Tomorrow full sunshine, so then we have to visit Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien garden.

    • No, I’m too old for climbing …. but I was at Mt Fuji and ended up in full snowstorm … also an experience. I understand now that it rains a lot in Japan after I seen the rented parking slots for umbrellas in Kyoto. Love this country and the people …. and the heated toilet seats.

    • Sue, rain is just water …. and it’s very good for the hair. Sitting at 23rd floor on our Hiroshima hotel now … and it’s so wet outside, but tomorrow they have promised sunshine and loads of it.

    • Jon, thank you so much …. it’s the team work between the camera and me … and I always check out new angles … on postcards. *smile – and with a very good compact Canon in my hand, I strike lucky at times.

    • I really enjoy Miyajima Island, but the weather stopped us to some extend to do what we wanted to do. The Ryokan was a balsam for body, heart and soul. Most Japanese shrines are orange -in my eyes they look nearly the same.

    • Thank you so much, two of my favorites too …. The O-turii gate is there so many fantastic images off … and in that weather I wouldn’t be able to get anything like them I seen … so I tried to capture it’s greatness through a whole in a stone lamp.

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