kyoto night views in random

Kyoto has a very interesting night life … with all the restaurants, Karaoke bars, the boy & girl clubs, all the game halls and of course the entertainment of the delicate geisha’s.

We were out and about a couple of nights, mostly after having dinner. I don’t think I have to tell you that the food is fantastic in Japan, even if I haven’t  agreed with everything.

Even if the weather wasn’t really on our side, neither in Tokyo or Kyoto, the evenings were fine … or at least less wet.

This nightly gallery is all from Kyoto.

“Night is a world lit by itself.”
Antonio Porchia

20 thoughts on “kyoto night views in random

  1. Lovely photos. I enjoy seeing all the details you observe. My aunt and cousin are just back from visiting Tokyo-Kyoto and appear to have had a great time. My cousin also commented all the quality of the food.

    • Laura, Kyoto is a city I can see myself living in if … I could chose the area to live – but I found Hiroshima … more dignified as a city. Even if it’s so much modern … Kyoto is beautiful. Glad your aunt and cousin has a great time, because we have …. today are we going on for one night at Miyajima island. Had sunshine for 2 days … but today the rain from Kyoto has catch up with us.

    • Andy, there is so much history to take in …. but so fare Hiroshima Peach Park and memorial has made the biggest impression on me, a stunning park … where nobody is forgotten. I hope to that no one will experience an atom bomb again.

      • That was a mark in history no one will ever forget, It’s amazing still that history progressed into peace in the end isn’t it? can I say that?

    • Thank you, Sue …. there was so much see and do … have a lot more images, but this is my favorites. Yes, it’s a nice piece of music, Japanese composer; Ryuichi Sakamoto – used for the movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” Maybe you already knew that.

      • Wow, great choice for download … I love this piece too … but I don’t think I have it downloaded, so I have to do it too. The thing is that I get into the Swedish Itune here … only the Japanese and I don’t understand anything of that page. Same with Google, it comes up automatically on Japanese.

  2. This would be my pick. I’ve never felt the urge to see Tokyo but Kyoto looks to me so special, and I would like to see some of the islands too. Hey ho- I’ll keep reading your posts 🙂

    • Kyoto, is a city full with history and shrine/temples … 2000 of them, but I don’t know … I didn’t feel the city had a soul.
      Very, very … pretty. The whole country is on islands, I think Tokyo is a very interesting city, but not a city that I would visit again.
      I been there and I don’t have a T-shirt.

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