geisha (芸者 ?), geiko (芸子) or geigi (芸妓) – a graceful lady

The Takase RiverToday the weather was on our side – we could walk along the Takase River under the last cherry blossoms and at times we had sunny spells.

We walk through the narrow streets of the Gion district and suddenly they just appeared – the stunningly beautiful butterflies – the Geisha. They are very shy and very fast on their geta (shoes). The Geisha often comes out in the dusk and evening, when they are going to work.

Even on postcards from Kyoto the Geisha turn the back against the camera – they are so private … I’m glad that they didn’t turn their faces away from me and Oscar, but I asked first … you can see how one of the ladies are looking down.

So we really strike lucky this morning ….. with the ladies …. and the sun, because now it rains again. on their way to workin a hurryjust stunning

“If you aren’t the woman I think you are,
then this isn’t the world I thought it was.”
Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

22 thoughts on “geisha (芸者 ?), geiko (芸子) or geigi (芸妓) – a graceful lady

    • Even on postcards from Kyoto have they their back turned to camera – I was luck that they didn’t turn their faces away from me. But I asked … first, one of the girls are looking down. There is about 4000 images to be shown .. and to edit.

    • ThAaaaaAaaanks, Loisa …. I think that is how it should be – I hate when somebody puts an camera in my face. Was able to capture two last night – they are truly beautiful .

    • Yes, here in Hiroshima the sun met us …. when we left Kyoto in the morning it rained again, but after the bus stop in Osaka the sun came up and it has been very good to us, but this evening as we arrived to hotel it started raining … hopefully we will get a nice day tomorrow too.
      I hope your journey home sent smooth.

    • Sylvia, all my pleasure …. I love writing postcards … and to pick them.
      I love to receive myself. Yes, I was so luck to meet those ladies and I got a couple of night shots too … but not so close up.

    • I don’t think they smile in public at all … hopefully they do it when they work. I really stroke lucky with the wonderful ladies.

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