weekly photo challenge – afloat


Middelgrunden, windmill farm

In Japan just now so … I don’t any access to my images – have to use an image from my media library.

This  is a large Danish offshore wind farm project called Middelgrunden two kilometres off the city’s coastline – that stands out in Öresund between Sweden and Denmark. This image I took from a fast moving train that connects Copenhagen and Malmoe. The farm delivers about 4% of the power for Copenhagen.

“The cheapest energy is the energy
you don’t use in the first place.”
Sheryl Crow


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Have a great weekend!



23 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – afloat

    • Thanks, Michael …. thanks for your email .. and for the time we got. Great to meet you in person. Tokyo hasn’t been that friendly to us … rain every day – except Thursday. Ended up in a snow storm at Mt Fuji! This afternoon it was okay .. some light showers this evening. Tomorrow Kyoto here we come.

  1. Wivi! I have been thinking about you, wondering how you are getting on…reading the comments I’m pleased to see you are enjoying Japan 😀

    • Hi there, Sun …. this afternoon we take the bullet train to Kyoto and now the sun is blasting on. We had rain and more rain here in Tokyo – yesterday we had little now and than, but today …. SUuuUuuun! And I think we a moving on to more rain. But we are having a fantastic time. Thank you!

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    • Maralee, having a fantastic time …. but there is rain on menu most days. Had Japanese massage today – the best massage I ever had. Tomorrow tour and they have promised more rain, the weather we can’t control. *smile

  3. Still waiting for blossom pics, Vivi! 🙂 Hope you are having a fantastic time. I’m gone to the Algarve tomorrow evening so won’t be around for a while. Many hugs till then 🙂

    • Jo, you have to wait … because here we are up to our knees in rainwater …. never seen so much rain in my life – and I think I captured the last cherry blossoms for this season today in the rain. Enjoy yourself and delight yourself. Travel safely you two.

    • Dia, fantastic news …. keep on enjoying … we have a great time too, but I never had a holiday with so much rain in my life … here in Kyoto they even have leased umbrella stands outside the underground stations. 2 days of sun so far, but we are doing our best to see so such as possible.

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