humid, wild, mad, warm and so exciting = hong kong

festival girlsSo here I’m in Hong Kong after 35 years, I can’t say that it has changed that much …. maybe in height. Some new amazing buildings, bridges and a fantastic new airport. The atmosphere is  the same today as it was in 1978-79, at least for me as a very happy visitor.

But I miss the old “Poor Man’s Nightclub” at the Victoria Harbor.

The whole Victoria Harbor area is under massive construction and of course our hotel is in the middle of it, but we aren’t going to give them a hand.

We was on “hop on – hop off” tour yesterday, got a bit of a sun tan. We went to Stanley Market, had lunch at Murray House outside on the terrace with a wonderful view over the bay. board game

The dollars are rolling … and we love spending them. Shopping is only the first name of this city. Nothing has changed – only that the shopping centers has become so many and one more fantastic than the  others. No shopping yet, only looking.

Easter is the biggest public holiday here …. 5 days in total, so I’m not able to buy stamps to my 78 postcards???!!!! The post offices are closed – also are banks and offices.

But it’s magical to be back!HK by night

 “You can leave Hong Kong,
but it will never leave you.”
Nury Vittachi

26 thoughts on “humid, wild, mad, warm and so exciting = hong kong

    • Make your dream come true … it’s a very special place, that you mostly will love – but there is also moments when you hate it. Don’t have enough time to do everything I would love to do and the humidity is what kills me. Tonight it was much more pleasant … we had a really nice evening dinning al fresco. Fantastic place.

    • Sylvia, every big city expand – I’m supervised that HK hasn’t changed more. Of course around the city plenty apartment buildings has been built and the Victoria harbor is getting smaller and smaller – one day I think we will be able to walk across. Thank you, Sylvia … I’m having a FAB time.

    • Thanks, now our HK fun has come to an end .. and so has the sun, they have promised rain today.
      Leaving for the airport 16.00. HK is back to work today – the noise level is so much higher.
      I wish you safe travel.

    • Yes, HK is a cool place …. very exciting city – a place that you both hate and love with the same strength.
      It has been so warm and the humidity has been very high … and that has really killed some of the fun.
      Not normal for this time of year … but nothing behaves normal when I travel. Leaving for Tokyo this evening.

    • Jo, the two last cards written this morning – so ready to leave HK now. I have heard reports what the cherry trees has been blooming for 2 weeks already – but if so I have to ask Nancy to kick around in the petals to create pink clouds.
      Had a marvelous time here in Hong Kong, even if it has been to hot for comfort. We have been really good tourists. Take off hugs.

    • Had my feet on Mt Fuji in full snow storm, down in Tokyo is it raining … yesterday we had fantastic weather and I got blister on my heels from my new expensive Ecco sneakers. Walked the whole Imperial Park. The food is getting better by the day. No sushi yet. There is so many stories to be told.
      Messed up the hotel booking for Hiroshima too, wrong dates and not one room free in the city. Manage to get a smoking room for 2 nights – then there is rooms free again. Mixed up the dates.

    • Jo, hi there … been up on Mt Fuji today … and it was full snowstorm so all coaches was asked to leave. But I had my feet on the mountain. Also got myself a Japanese boyfriend … very elegant man, that said that he needs a Swedish girlfriend … and I told him that he has one. He were so funny … he give me a big farewell hug in front of his travel group of 125 Japaneses. Not a very Japanese manor. We met very romantically by the waterfalls and under the cherry blossoms. A story to be told.

    • Thank you so much ….. for the lovely comment. I got some wedding images too from Meiji shrine – I need time to edit them. At least 4 weddings … in the end a little too much, but so stunning ….

  1. For me, HK is eating! But you are right, even if you cannot afford the high end goods, there’s plenty of bargains for everyone. You just have to know what you are buying because there are so many fakes. We brought home LaCoste shirts for the males in our family and when they tried them on they were not true to size, many were short. My niece bought a camera phone from an electronic store, good thing she checked before we went to the airport, it was missing a part. We all had a good laugh about it.

    • I had friends that bought Rolex watches … and there was parts made from paper inside the watch. So if it’s too cheap to be true – it probably is. *laughing … I just bought a beautiful painting and a colorful cabin bag on wheels (pure plastic), because the one I use was to heavy to carry on carrying. Food wise – HK is a very exciting city … food from all over the world. *smile

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