weekly photo challenge – blur

I’m having a fantastic time in Hong Kong just now and this image is from the our outstanding dinner at “The Principal” last night – I would say they provided us with the best dinner and service that I ever had. And I had some fantastic restaurants experience in my life.

It’s going to be very hard for Alain Ducasse to top this in Tokyo.

This is our Consommé de Patillote; Girolle, Asparagus and Zucchini

9 Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
phone; 2563 3444consomme de papillote

“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.”
Ludwig van Beethoven


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47 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – blur

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    • Same to you, just written your card. But the post office is closed until Wednesday – so it will come.
      Today was it far too warm, +29 – so we both suffered and wasn’t in our best moods, plus we both slept very bad last night, that is why I published this post, couldn’t sleep. Happy what ever is left Easter to you too.

      • Thank you Viveka. I hope your next day is better. I am getting ready to go to sleep, and when I wake up it will be Easter here. Hopefully you will have some rest and a cooler day. I’m looking forward to my card!!!! ❤

      • Thanks, today I felt so much better …. but it was +28 before noon. Tonight the light show and after that I hope a good meal at the old Marine Police HQ building. Now converted into restaurants, deluxe hotel and shops …. shops, shops, shops. Wish you a relaxed and plentiful Easter.

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      • Thanks! I am having a quiet day at home today, off to friends for dinner tomorrow. I’m roasting some lamb with garlic and sherry tonight, lots of veg and some 2009 Bordeaux…and followed by chocolate ganache cake and some poached quince. I thought I would treat myself as I have achieved a few things recently….. 😀😃

      • Sue, reads to me like you had a great and relaxed Easter – as it should be. That lamb I wouldn’t mind a piece from. Love lamb, haven’t had any yet here in Hong Kong, maybe tonight. Chocolate – yummy … throw me into chocolate and I will be forever thankful. *smile

      • So true …. and I got the most tender lamb cutlets tonight … followed with white chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries. The evening was delightful, not too humid and full moon. Time for bed.

    • Girlfriend, you know my life is always crystal clear …. then I wake up.
      No we have it lovely – +29C today with 97% humidity. Nearly killed me, my ass and my feet. I wasn’t a great company at times today.
      But we managed through the day and Nancy was so tired too. I was up 393 meter today with a breathtaking view over HK. Nearly cloud free. Tomorrow another day. Bedtime hugs from me.

      • Yes, we toke the tram up to Victoria Peak, but the took a taxi back to the hotel, because the cue back down again was endless and we had to queue standing out in the blasting sun for maybe 1 hour. Too old for that. Yesterday I was up in ICI tower at 493 meter …. I think that was what I was talking about. What a view!!!!! Happy Light show … hug.

    • Tina, thank you so much … I’m so glad that you like, because I personal think it came out very good, with the steam inside the paper.

    • Yes, it’s truly great to be back – but 5 days is more than enough in this heat and humidity. We had +29C before noon today. There is bad weather coming in from Philippines from Tuesday …. hopefully it has passed by the time you and your bunch will land. Nap-time hug ….

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  5. Hope you had a happy Easter Viveka ! Seems like you are having some great experiences over there in Hong Kong !!
    And thanks for sharing that tune, It’s been a while since I listened to that 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Easter we had in Hong Kong and it’s their biggest holiday day – 5 days, so the city was packed to the rim, but that is how HK should be. +29 and from there we landed in a wet Tokyo and only +10.
      Today was the first day we manage to get back to the hotel on the underground without being lost. But what I understand does the Tokyo people get lost too.
      My pleasure … with the music.

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