it cost to be on top

not the real  things

….. both money and pain *smile

This is me – the finale packing trail is done and it results in two bag,  mostly because of the 200 Tena Lady Pads I need to bring with me.

The Japanese Health Authority has been very helpful – they even offered to order pads for  me to be delivered to one of the hotels we are staying, but they are so expensive in Japan and there is only 12 to a pack. Cheaper for pay for an extra bag then buy the pads in Japan.

But I would had needed a second bag anyhow. I have never been able to travel light and I guess I will never change. But I will leave the kitchen sink at home this time. *laughing6 packs

For this trip I had to do some investments – first of all a pair of good walking shoes – my feet will always hurt whatever I  wear, because of the problems I have, but I needed to find something that is giving my feet support and bring less pain to them,  give them more comfort.

So I have invested in a pair of very trendy Danish Ecco sneakers; O2 – just one world to describe them; WoOoOoOoOooooo! They are made in GORE-Tex@ – that means they can stand water. They also have a cooling system that keeps the feet cool underneath, which is magical for my burning foot pads. There is holes on the side of the sole and it is WORKS! I laughed when they told me in the shop and said I probably has to walk very slow if that is going to work. I’m laughing for an other reason now, it works. And the shoe ties are elastic.

Ecco doesn’t come cheap … neither does technology, 1400SEK/150€/$164/£110

Most of you know that I have a passion for beautiful shoes – and I have plenty of them – love my high heels at special occasions and reading about Japanese dress codes for evening at better restaurants means high heels.

The problem is the my nice high heels are 4″ high and I have been struggling walking in them the last 6 months, mostly  because I  don’t use them often enough. During my working days at the office, high heels happened nearly every day. I went through every box in the closet and they are a bit too high for comfort.pumps page

So that meant an  other investment – because I need a hand bag for the evening that is big enough to hold Oscar (my Canon) – I had only two choices, black leather or YSL black patent leather, auction bargain on Ebay! So I found a  pair of patent pumps with 3″ heel.  Perfect and l love the style, it makes my big feet 8(10) look a lot smaller – but  they were a bit tight, decided to fix that myself.

So for 3 days now have I worn wet socks in them and it has been very painful at moments (hours) …. but we are getting there, some more hours and they fit like a glow. Patent leather is tough to break in. I worn them in the laundry room and when I did my vacuum. The best thing is that I start to feel comfortable in walking on heels again. KIOMI is the brand and German.ready to go

For our’s “enchanted” evenings I have packed my black silk suite (20 years old), a black taffeta skirt, black cardigan with “jewel” decoration, cream and back silk tunic  … plus a light grey dress with off white dots. As options to the pumps I packed a pair of black patent wedge sandals and ballerina shoes. No colors for  the evenings – which isn’t me – have to wear colors during daytime instead.  I have packed a top in beige and black … with cerise roses. I think I may get away  with that. *smile

How many times I have trail packed …. 6!!!!!! For 22 nights. Plenty knickers too.

 “Packing for a trip can be exciting.
But unpacking is always depressing.”


16 thoughts on “it cost to be on top

    • Wednesday 16.55 – 2nd Hong Kong – 8th Tokyo – 12th Kyoto – 17th Hiroshima – 22nd Narita Airport – 23rd Leaving for home. 24th HOME! The final packing went very smooth – I’m sure I’m not going to wear 50% of it.

    • Yes, Sue … all set – mentally too! Just bring on Wednesday and take off. Today I packed properly – the Hong Kong (summer clothes) on top. Only a couple of more hours with wet sock in those pumps and they can be packed too. Always organized before take off, but then my plan changes all the time.

  1. I love Ecco shoes. They are expensive but well worth it. I’m always happy when I can find them on sale. As for heels, I’m not sure I can make that commitment anymore. Nothing is worse for me than sore feet on a holiday, especially when there’s a lot of walking to be done. Even at my daughter’s wedding I wore heels for the ceremony but at the reception I put on flats. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Japan. Be safe! Carol

    • Carol, normally I not a big fan … or my feet is not a big fan of Ecco shoes, because of the soles they use, but those sneakers really works better than anything else I used for the last 5 years. So I’m so happy.
      High heels when walking, no way … it has to be taxi rides and a pair of comfortable shoes in the bag for maybe walking home after dinner. Those days are gone, just for me to accept. In September last year when I was in Las Vegas my feet was so bad I wanted to die, and I wore special German sandals … when there was 1 day left I found Aerosole sandals, it was like walking on clouds, but I should have bought a second pair. Yesterday I visit Areosole website and they mail to Sweden – so now 2 pairs is on their way to me.
      I promise to make you feed up with stories and … images. Promise to stay safe too.

  2. 🙂 Oh, wow, 22 days that means a lot of stuff, apart from your Tena Ladies’ pads.
    Beautiful shoes and bag you got yourself – congratulations! I never heard of wearing wet socks in a shoes to widen them. I’ll try that – I’ve got some shoes that feel a bit tight…
    Sleep tight and sweet dreams, dear Wivi! .-) xo

    • Dia, you’re right … it means loads of stuff *laughing …. especially when there is a temperature difference of +10C degrees between Hong Kong and Japan. Had the bag for 3 years now, perfect size not too big or small and it gives Oscar room too.
      The thing with wet socks works wonders on tight shoes. You know how it’s when you been out in rain with a shoes – it will always be a bit big after that. If it’s a leather shoe – it will form itself after your feet. I have a couple of more hours of wet socks before they goes into the suitcase. Slept like a baby, thanks.

  3. Lol Viv you are so funny. I hear you on the 4 inch heels thing. I’m good with 3 inches now too. Enjoy your lovely trip, and be sure to show us pictures in all your lovely wardrobes. 🙂

    • No, I don’t do selfies …. So now we are nearly finished with HK – we will leave for the airport around 4pm.
      Flight leaves at 7.30pm and we land just after midnight in Tokyo.
      Haven’t used the new heels yet … save them for cooler weather, been far too hot here in HK for them.
      98% humidity means flats. Thanks for your lovely comment.

      • I wore the new heels …. when we dine at “Beige” – it was painful in the end …. so I’m back to the flats. It rains here in Tokyo and my new expensive Ecco sneakers has given my heels blister. Just what I need in the beginning of the journey. Have a pleasant weekend.

      • Oh Viv, that’s awful. And after everything you went through to break in your heels and pay for expensive comfortable shoes. There are some days when nothing is comfortable, I know this. But, have you tried Crocs? My savior when all else fails! 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

      • Crocs … I have a pair, but they hurt my numb feet underneath – have a pair for the balcony and laundry room. My sneakers is okay today, they needed to be soften up a bit and those Compeed plasters are magical … have walked for miles today. Thank you so much and … have a great weekend.

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