21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – ephemeral (2)

    • Syliva, thank so much …. the first thing that came to my mind was ice cream .. when I saw the topic – so I had to do 2 entries this week.

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      • Central station is a great building both outside and inside … I was very disappointed when I visit Chicago Central Station, want the see the stairs – in the baby pram scene in the Untouchables. The stairs wasn’t at all that impressive and high as in the movie. So Central Stations is what Hollywood gives us. But BY Central Station have massive chandeliers inside. You see one of them in the smaller picture.

  2. Aaah so true ! Love the look of classical clocks…It gives a sense of something lasting and immortal even though time is fleeting. Great interpretation of challenge Viveka ! 🙂 🙂

    • Gunilla, thank you … I think there is nothing so ephemeral as time. The clocks are from all over the world … plus my 3 own time keepers. Thank you so much.

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