the dance scene – l’amant (the lover) 1992 – foxtrot

dance - psd150 orgI think I have only seen two Asian movies in total; “L’amant” (The Lover) and “Lust, Caution” (2007), espionage erotic thriller film directed by Ang Lee.

“L’amant” is also a very sensual movie with a difference – directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, the man behind movies like;  Two Brothers (2004), Enemy at the Gates (2001), Seven Years in Tibet (1997) ant The Bear (1988).

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The movie is based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Maugerite Duras.

It is French Colonial Vietnam in 1929. A young French girl from a family that is having some monetary difficulties is returning to boarding school. She is alone on public transportation when she catches the eye of a wealthy Chinese businessman. He offers her a ride into town in the back of his chauffeured sedan, and sparks fly. Can the torrid affair that ensues between them overcome the class restrictions and social mores of that time? ( Cal Lott < lover - wtoutiao com

• Jane March – The Young Girl
• Tony Leung Ka-fai – The Chinese Man
• Frédérique Meininger – The Mother
• Arnaud Giovaninetti – The Elder Brother
• Melvil Poupaud – The Younger Brother
• Lisa Faulkner – Helene Lagonelle
• Xiem Mang – The Chinese Man’s Father
• Philippe Le Dem – The French Teacher
• Ann Schaufuss – Anne-Marie Stretter

Why I have chosen the dance scene, the foxtrot, is because I can’t remember any other movie were they dance foxtrot. Maybe not the most exciting and brilliant dancing, but it’s a foxtrot. The young girl wants to make her lover jealous.

Tony Ka Fai Leung is such a beautiful man too in this movie. Jane March so innocent and beautiful – a girl (not even 16) with a woman’s sensuality. A young girl becoming a woman.

A love story, heightened by crossing the color and races, the same as still occurs today, mixed in with colonialism and snobbery of the times.

The movie is poetically slow, and at times becomes an almost ritual repetition of a single act. Precisely therein lays its ‘dramatic content’. It’s touching and beautiful.

Jane who plays the French girl who causes a scandal for having an affair with a Chinese man in Vietnam. Is in real life of partial Chinese and Vietnamese descent.

There was also roamers that the sex scenes was for real. All the sex scenes were done with careful choreography and body doubles. Jane has said that she never never had sex with Tony on or off the set.

The sex scenes are indeed very graphic, but not done in bad or ugly way or just for the sake of sex. The film is much more than about lust, it is about two lovers who found shelter in each other’s arms. Jane and Tony gives great performances, showing of conflicting emotions that they had to bear. Beautifully story-line, intriguing cinematography and soundtrack will make this a great movie experience.

Somebody has called this movie; pleasure in its purest form – and I totally agree. But I like erotic movies if they are well and beautiful done.

Not everybody likes it: too much sex – lukewarm – ditch water dull.

The_Lover_autocarspecs2015 top

It’s English spoken  and the movie did very well in the US home video market it earned 113.2% return on investment in its first 120 days of home video release.

A groof in the film – Tony smokes filtered cigarettes in 1929. They were not invented until the mid-’30s and not in common use until the 1950s.'(info –

If you have chance to watch this movie – just DO IT!

This is movie that makes “50 shades of Grey” totally fade away, like rinsed in bleach. Not that it was so much to fade off. *smile

This movie provided one of my favorite soundtracks and one of my favorite CD’s – All music composed by Gabriel Yared. He has done the scores to “The English Patient”, that gave him an Oscar in 1996.

“It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.”
Marge Piercy

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10 thoughts on “the dance scene – l’amant (the lover) 1992 – foxtrot

  1. 🙂 I loved this film – the scenery was artfully beautiful and the story was simply good! Thanks for reminding me of it. It’s one to be seen at least twice!
    Sleep tight and have a very good Thursday! xo 🙂

    N.B. my blog is “moving”, so I presently might not get every comment, as my reader presently isn’t working and I have to use my blog roll to get in touch with all my blogger-sisters 😉 xo

    • So glad that you blog is moving … wonderful news – don’t worry about my world – when you have time .. you have time. Blogging isn’t about MUSTS!!!
      So Happy that you have seen the movie too and that you enjoyed it like I did. Beautiful film!!! Yes, maybe it’s time to see it again.
      So when are you taking off for Hong Kong????
      A moving hug … before bedtime from me.

    • Yes, I’m sure you will like this movie too … !!! I think I will watch it again. Still a bit sad, but laundry day tomorrow … that will bring some joy back into me.
      And then we have the ironing on Sunday, even more fun !!!!!!! Thanks for caring.

    • Yes, he is truly beautiful. If you have read the book … be careful maybe with watching the movie. I most times find that after reading the book most films don’t live up to it. I haven’t read the book. But it’s a beautiful movie with a simple story line.

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