weekly photo challenge- fresh

“Great food is like great sex.
The more you have the more you want.”
Gael Green

Bon appetite!

pink lemonade 1chicken skewerspeppered beeffresh fruitHam & Cheese Toastie, NYCseaweed saladchicken 2

lunch drinksMado treatgreat flufftuna & salmontuna salad close upso tasty breadSteak & onion.strawberriesice tea - public market

And how many of us haven’t used food as comfort for a broken heart – a healing?????!!!

I done it all the time.


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I wish you pleasant weekend!!!.



51 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge- fresh

  1. What a wonderfully Swedish response! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ve just eaten and am much too full to look at these images. Can I just have a drink, please? πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much, Cherry! Were isn’t the ladle suppose to be if not in the pot. As a chef … food is close to my heart. I hope you get something to eat soon. Can’t live on images only. Hearty thanks again.

      • But your images were so delicious to look at too ! It was my pleasure! ^.^

        Umm, by the way Cherry is my cat’s name. Lol I guess you mixed it up, I’m Zee πŸ˜›

      • Zee, so sorry …. Zee is a lovely name – so is Cherry. I tried to figure out your name .. from your “about” page, but saying so there is beautiful cat on that page.

      • I had 2 cats, many years ago; Whiskey & Zoda. I’m thinking of them so often and one day when I’m not travelling so much I will get a cat or dog .. or maybe both. Really miss a pet. I really like Zee, great name.

      • Zee, thank you so much – yes, one day I will have a little pet again, but I also have be aware that it can live longer than me. *smile

    • Hi there, Happy Monday to you … I hope you have the same fantastic weather to walk in as I have. Spring is back.Doing, fine – did a trail packing this morning and it seems to work fine and of course will I be taken too much stuff with me. *smile But it’s me that has to carry it. Yesterday I was in Copenhagen and enjoyed great food and Billy Elliot, the musical. FAaaAaAaAaAaAAAantastiic. Never got a chance to see it London, always sold out.

    • Yes, FOoOOoOooOod! Last time we had the same topic … I posted the smushis we had in Copenhagen. I didn’t know you are a beer girl. I hope ice tea will okay for you … because I think that is the image you mix up with beer. *smile Beer I can live without – but strawberries, can’t get enough of them.

      • I knew that … it’s was like me …. do recipe about pork loin – and wrote pork lion and nobody told me that I had it all wrong, noticed it myself. I like that you’re longing for for BEAR after a walk. I wouldn’t mind a small one … a Panda, maybe.

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