light, quiet and very smart + it comes cheap

Acer Aspire E3-112-C2XJ 11,5-  cdon com

Not at all like myself *laughing 

I have got myself a new playmate – a new notebook, Acer Aspire E3-112-C2XJ 11,6′” – a very sleek silver matte metallic thing.

My old net-book, also an Acer Aspire, has been an absolutely star, but  the last 3 weeks has it been playing up. The screen started to go milky white a couple of times at first – but gone worst and now it happens every time I turn it on. Had the IT boys to have a look at it and of course when I brought over to their shop of course it worked fine.

I don’t dare to bring it with me  to Hong Kong and Japan, if it decides to not work at all. So this was me in the middle of the night taking an executive decision, a new notebook investment had to happen. app screen

So I was looking up reviews and there it was. I fell in love with it straight away. And the price was just fantastic –  it’s really a notebook made for students, so it really makes me feel young now when typing away. It’s 1,5″ bigger than my net-book.

Working just now for the first time with Windows 8 and I had heard so much about it and only negatives. So I was a bit worried, but I really like it, but not so great as XP and Windows 7.

Can manage apps and the desktop, no problems what so ever …have removed programs I didn’t want and added my favorites. So easy.

This little machine doesn’t make one sound … no fan – and not removable battery. Screen is so clear and the speakers is brilliant and underneath. The keyboard is amazing to use … and no crumbs are able to get in between here. And I love that all the ports are in the back. This little gem is JUST gorgeous.

Here is some technical facts; from

Cool and whisper-quiet
This notebook doesn’t just look cool on the outside. It is designed to not require a cooling fan, so it runs cool and whisper-quiet, for a very comfortable user experience. No fan vents to blow hot air on you, no whining fan noise when you’re watching your favorite movies. It’s cool, by design.

Perfect for work and play
The Aspire E 11 comes with a full-sized keyboard, all the right ports, and the full suite of Windows 8.1 productivity programs, so you can get a lot done wherever you go. Plus, the optimized speakers deliver audio similar to what you’d expect from larger notebooks, for surprisingly clear sound.

Processor frequency* 2,16 GHzI
Processor frequency* 2,16 GHz
Processor family* Intel Celeron
Processor model* N2840
Processor boost frequency 2,58 GHz
Processor cores 2

Internal memory* 4 GB
Internal memory type* DDR3L-SDRA

Total storage capacity 500 GB
Storage media* HDD
Number of hard drives installed 1
Hard drive capacity 500 GB
Hard drive interface Serial ATA
Card reader integrated* Yes
Compatible memory cards SD

USB 2.0 ports quantity * 1
USB 3.0 ports quantity * 1
HDMI ports quantity * 1

(I wish that there could had been one more USB port)

Battery time 5 hours. (my old had 8)

Weight 1,3 kg

And the best of all is the price – 2.490SEK/€267/£190/$283 – because when I find my real mean machine – a hybrid laptop, I will put my money into that. FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC Q775 is what I have my eyes on. Only released in Japan so far.

As somebody has said – that while waiting of the right thing have fun with that is wrong ones.

So now am I read to take on the Hong Kong and Japan with new investments for both feet and brain. Only 13 days to go.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology
has exceeded our humanity.”
Albert Einstein

my wallpaper

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22 thoughts on “light, quiet and very smart + it comes cheap

    • Thank you so much!!!! It’sa very comfortable notebook and light, maybe not the most advanced one -I suppose that is why we work so well together. Neither am I.

    • Yes, so I’m only in waiting now … not looking forward to the packing. *smile Jo, it works fantastic – the keyboard is so great with keys that is so comfortable. I write so much faster on this notebook.

  1. Congrats, it sounds like a great investment, enjoy it! So, will you give it a name? Or is that an honour given only to Oscar? 😉 I so much look forward to the updates from your upcoming trip, good luck with the preps!

    • Thanks Gunilla, a good little notebook that keep me going until my dream machine is here. *smile – don’t dare to bring my old. Had it for nearly 3,5 years and they don’t have long shelve life. Can’t wait neither, just in a zone of waiting now.

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