cee’s fun foto challenge – abstracts

bulbAbstract: relating to or involving general ideas or qualities rather than specific people, objects, or actions

conceptual, ideal, ideational, metaphysical, notional, theoretical (also theoretic)

of art : expressing ideas and emotions by using elements such as colors and lines without attempting to create a realistic picture

Abstract ideas such as love and hate
“Honesty” is an abstract word.
The word “poem” is concrete, the word “poetry” is abstract

summary, breviary, brief, capsule, conspectus, digest, encapsulation, epitome, inventory, outline, précis, recap, recapitulation, résumé (or resume also resumé), roundup, rundown, run-through, sum, summa, summarization, summing-up, sum-up, synopsis, wrap-up

Am I abstract person??? I didn’t think I was and now when I know the definition of ABSTRACT – I would say I know myself quite well. *smile

Every form is individual,
there exists none which is abstract.
Wilhelm Heinsedanish train


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Some conducters say that Mozart’s Symphony #40 is abstract – so what could be more suitable here????!!!.


23 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – abstracts

  1. That was easy! I just thought ‘haven’t checked in with Vivi for a day or 3’, opened my Reader and there you were! Summoned by the Genie and my magic lamp 🙂 All ok with you?

    Tricky subject! I like the plastic (straws?) magic, the house poster and the train 🙂

    • Hi there, are visiting friends in Simrishamn, so there hasn’t been much time for posts.
      I posted one yesterday, that I had as draft.
      Going back home … tomorrow lunch. Have problems with my net-book is playing up too. The screen goes milky the whole time, so new one is on order.
      Thanks for your concern. Evening hugs. I’m looking forward to your entry.

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