dining with stars

Both Nancy and I love our food!

Very seldom here at home do I go and indulge myself on restaurants, first of all we don’t have that many in Landskrona. To eat at a good restaurant in Sweden doesn’t come cheap.

I rather spend those money on good food when I travel – and then let lost account be open for abuse.

How much can a restaurant really charge for a main course – some times is gastronomic amounts for a main course??? That is why I go for their menus, where I get a little bit of all the best bits.

It’s also the whole package … that the eating comes with. Sometimes it’s just great to leave everything up to others and let them indulge me. I don’t own a credit card, only debt card, so the money has to be there when I enter the restaurant.

Michelin-Guides-2014-Official-Image -michelinmedia com

When I was engaged to Hans, my German man – did we always go to France for holiday, but he hated Paris and now I know what he means. At least 2 top restaurants – 3 stars … did we visit every holiday. In those days there was only about 21 in total in France. They have today 27 totally included “Louis XV” in Monte Carlo.

Japan has 32 in total and in Tokyo 13, Sweden has 3 and Hong Kong has 4.

The difference in 2 stars and 3 stars, we normal people wouldn’t be able to see .. it’s mostly down to the small delicate details and in the end the price.

I would love to be a Guide Michelin Inspector – but the degrees need for that job – so keep on dreaming, Wivi.

Anyhow Nancy and I have decided to abuse the lost account both in Hong Kong and Tokyo, but we stay on a 2 star level. ducasse -thetimes.co uk

Alan Ducasse born in 1956 in Orthez, France – I dare to call him the world’s number ONE chef. Sorry, Gordon!!!! Ducasse is also only one of two chefs to hold 21 Michelin stars throughout his career. He has 26 restaurants all over the world, 2 in Tokyo.

A very handsome man too. *smile – with the most inviting smile.

His restaurant “Beige” in Tokyo, has it’s interior been design by Chanel, on the 10th floor in the Chanel building in Ginza, walking distance to our hotel after dinner. Think we will need it.

There is no chance that I will be able to own a little black number by Chanel, but I’m able to sit on a chair covered with the famous Chanel bouclé for an evening.dessert bag  - beige-tokyo com


As Christmas Cake and for Valentine’s Day they serve a dessert in shape of a Chanel bag.

Executive Chef Kei Kojima takes in some of their ingredients directly from France like; foie gras, chicken from Bresse and lobster is from Bretagne

So booked for 8th of April, 8pm. So our days in Japan will have a grand start. Dress code; jacket required for male guests.  Beige - beige-tokyo com

In Hong Kong have we booked “The Principle”and the service we had so fare is outstanding. On their DEGUSTATION menu they have oysters as first starter and I don’t eat oysters, so I asked if they could change the course for us – and no problem.

We will get “Beetroot – Beets Salad, Raspberry Ice Cream, Mascarpone, Herbs” instead. Nancy eats oysters, but the menu is for 2 and they can’t only change for one. She will get her chance to oysters on our first night in Hong Kong.

Jonay Armas is Executive Chef at The Principal, only 33 years old and original from Canary Islands, Spain.

Why I chosen “The Principle” – just like what I had read about the restaurant, their executive chef and the customer reviews. Also it’s a casual style of restaurant, dress code; smart casualthe principal - feedme-app com

“The Principle” is famous for their Sunday brunches: which is a set six-course menu, with each dish brought straight to your table – there’s also a free-flow drinks menu, which includes a range of fresh juices, champagne, beers and wine. All for a price of 750HK$/$96/£64/€89/820SEK.

After those two evenings the lost account will have seriously weaken, but we can live on noodle soup and dumplings for the rest of the trip.

I eat both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, but I couldn’t do it for all 22 days.

After my months in China in the late 70’s I was so feed up with the Chinese cuisine that I didn’t have any until I moved to UK in 1991. Spicy-Tuna- inquisitr com

And I don’t like sushi that much .. I can enjoy a couple of pieces and outside Japan I wouldn’t touch it. Don’t trust the handling of the rice. A friend in Italy that nearly died from bad rice in sushi – 3 months on hospital and his stomach will never be the same.

Do you know that 16 piece of sushi = 8 slices of white bread, plus the spicy tuna rolls has high level of mercury -only six pieces of tuna sushi a week can exceed an acceptable mercury level in the human body… 1/2 piece of sushi has 200 calories.

I stick to a good burger!!! *smile

burger - twtrland com

 “A person who enjoys good food has a wonderful life.”
Alain Ducasse

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Images provided by and thanks to: michelinmedia.com/thetimes.co.uk/ beige-tokyo.com/feedme-app.com/inquisitr.com/twtrland.com


31 thoughts on “dining with stars

  1. That purse shaped dessert, If I hadn’t read the line I would of never thought it was just that, But! here’s a cheer to good ol well done burgers 🙂

    • Andy, totally agree …. a good burger is hard to beat. Hong Kong is suppose to have some great burgers. At least one I have to have – for lunch. Checking out the top restaurants menus .. chicken is one of the most expensive dishes they have on their menu. Up there with fillet steaks and fresh lobester.

    • Lucia …. you are spot on – and to look for good restaurants before going is a delightful job.
      It doesn’t have to be star restaurants every evening – but one or two okay during a trip. Have to check what the clever chefs are up to. Amazed that Japan har more 3* than France has …. France how is the food country of the world and the reason to the first Red Michelin Guide.

    • Jo, I have tried oyester 3 times … but we don’t agree with each others. I really enjoy a good made hamburger – not MCD or BK – but a homemade … and if made from lamb even better. The little purse is so cute, nice touch for lady guests.

  2. I look forward to reading about the food you sample on this trip.

    The worst pain I’ve ever experienced was food poisoning from rice in a Japanese restaurant in Northern California. I was so ill that I checked my insurance policy to see if my body would be shipped back to Britain. I didn’t eat for a long time after that.

    • Laura, rice is one of the highest risk food we have – that is why we should never re-heat boiled rice. So soon the temperature have fluctuate it becomes a ticking bomb. I can image that you was seriously ill. Poor thing.
      My friend was so ill too and I can understand that you don’t eat it anymore. I became ill from a dish with prawns/shrimps and I don’t eat them in any other way then unpeeled. Food poisoning is a terrible experiance.

    • Alan Ducasse, I’m a big fan of him …. since I visit one of his restaurant and hotel, La Bastide De Moustiers in 1989. His first owned establbishment – in the midst of lavender and hundred year-old olive trees. He was only 33 then.
      I keep an eye on him still. I love to keep an eye on good food, big and small. *smile

    • Linda, it’s not that bad .. there is really tasty ones … but I’m very careful with them and it’s not something I crave for. I wish you and your boys … two and four legged a pleasant weekend

  3. It’s getting exciting now!!! 🙂 I was just thinking, looking at those crocuses on the last post, that you’d be back to your Spring/Summer header soon. 🙂
    Those are alarming facts about Sushi. Not my kind of thing (or burgers either, really 🙂 ) I’d better stick to broccoli 🙂

    • Jo, I will change my header before I leave – it feels a bit early yet. *smile
      Yes, let’s stick to the broccoli – even if I can crave for a juicy hamburger at times.

    • A-C, trying my best …. *smile Thanks! The thing is that most people think they eat healthy when they eat sushi. I will have some pieces in Japan. I have too!

      • I can only eat two…or something like that. It’s not my favourite dish…but of course you must try the “real thing”.

      • *smile … there is things I’m not going to try too. But Kobe Beef .. is high up on my list. Had it before and it mealt in your mouth. But cows that are massaged with beer and listen to music … have to be tender inside.

  4. HI Viv. What an entertaining and informative post. First let me say how cute the purse is and second, what a great experience to eat at those Michelin star restaurants. I look forward to your review after you return from your next eating venture. 🙂

    • Thank you, Debbie – yes, it’s a while since I had a”star” dinner – even if I had two fantastic experiences in Istanbul over Christmas I don’t think any of the restaurants have star- but they should have. I have never been to one in Sweden neither. In Canada, France, Belgium, Monte Carlo and UK I have.
      Of course there will be a review.

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