little red houses by the sea

brezzySunday was a perfect early spring day – sunshine, blue sky and a chilly breeze …. so after lunch I took my red ferrari for a ride … or maybe it was IT that took me for a ride.

It was a bit wobbly a couple of times …. don’t know why??? It’s the balance. No caculties. I was out and about for 4 hours with the shopping at Lidl inclued, freshly baked croissants – my Sunday treat. yummy

Went back to the park around the castle and those flowers that on Saturday was looking and longing for the sun, was laughing.

I have always looked at the “boat houses” in the horizon from castle’s moats, but it have seemed to be too fare for walking. So with my bike I took me over there, only 5 min ride.

A very little private harbour area, Lind’s harbour. All the boat houses was in the same red color and all closed up. Only one owner did some DIY in his little “house”.

The wind was a bit cold out there … wished that I had taken my Mark & Spencer wool hat with me. Lovely area and it’s really difficult to get closer to the sea than so. It is “boat houses” for people to spend days. In some houses like this aren’t you allowed to stay over night – just for daytime usage. Don’t know how it’s with those ones.

Can image there is a lot activites in the boat houses during the summer. Have to make another visit then.

Found a beautiful weathered bench infront one of the houses. I just fell in love with it and what the weather and the salt air had done to it. Don’t think it is very old and Oscar liked it too.

Riding back to town I saw a beautiful big cat enjoying the sunshine – didn’t move or blink when got Oscar out again. Also played around with Reed that is higher than me.

Along the cycling path is also Landskrona’s millioniar row – some magnifecent houses with a magical seaview and view over to the island Ven.

I stopped by the statue of Selma Lagerlöf – our author. She was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, and most widely known for her children’s book Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils). Original the book was written as a school book for Swedish geography.

Selma Lagerlöf, like many leading Swedish intellectuals of her time, was an advocate of Swedish spelling reform. When published in 1906, this book was one of the first to adopt the new spelling mandated by a government resolution in 1906.selma lagerlöf

She worked as a country schoolteacher at a high school for girls in Landskrona from 1885 to 1895 while honing her story-telling skills, with particular focus on the legends she had learned as a child.

During my first A-Z challenge I introduced Nils Holgersson, a fantastic children book. Here is the link; “N stands for Nils Holgersson” talk to us

After that it was time for Lidl, but when I passed the Theater Park there was some laughing blue crocus that wanted to chat with me.

With the bike securied in the basement storage – was it time for coffee, but when I put the coffee brewer on – NADA! It worked fine in the moring. Brilliant piece, but nothing last for ever and I had it for nearly 6 years.

So online and ordered a new … maybe an other story to be told.

“A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.”
James E. Starrsspring happy










22 thoughts on “little red houses by the sea

  1. What a lovely bike ride you had, Wivi! Hope you enjoyed your croissant, shame about the coffee machine….I had to buy a new one a few weeks ago 😞

      • I’ll be looking for them around here this weekend. We have had a few warm days and some rain, which has caused all of the snow to melt, and hopefully the flowers are starting to bloom too.

      • We haven’t had hard any snow here in the south of Sweden. Just like last year, but the spring is earlier this year about 2 weeks. Not good .. poor nature is all over the place. I hope you will find some snowdrops, they seems to be the first one out .. so soon the sun stays around.

    • Yes, I really like my bike … great feeling of freedom, can’t remember i felt like this with my old bike, but that is in early 90’s. Thank you so much for the compliment over my images.

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