cee’s fun foto challange – catching people unaware

Here in Sweden are we not allowed by law to take photos of people without their permission, so it’s very difficult to catch people unaware and I have full respect. So I’m being a bit naughty at times during my travelling, but I’m never intrusive with my camera.

Chicago – my favorite city of so many fantastic ones that I have visit and enjoyed through my years abroad and travelling.

crown fountain

A MEGA hot first week of July 2012 – 8 days of pure comfort and delight, except outdoors – it was temperatures around +28c already 9am. Chicago are always a very hot city in more than one way – but this week is was boiling hot and the windy city didn’t even give a gust of wind for 7 days.

And I was able to catch people in fountain being unware. Grown ups became kids again enjoying the fountain.   crown fountain.1

People in the inner city was all gathering around the marvoulas Crown Fontain in the Millenium Park to get some relief. Me too!!!! Was down there every morning after breakfast and before I headed back to my hotel. My feet LOVES it – and the fine mist from the fountain was the most wonderful and needed relief from the blastering sun and the heat. It’s also provide a place of joy and playfulness.

Designed by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa and executed by Krueck and Sexton Architects, it opened in July 2004. To a cost of  $17 million and the fountain towers are 50 feet (15.2 m) tall.

Fun and relief for all ages – 24/7 in the middle of Chicago, plus that it’s amazing just to look at. Crown Fountain really discover the youth in everyone around it.

Have made my wish; I want to come back to Chicago … so soon possible.

“As you think, so you are.
As you dream, so you become.
As you create your wishes, so they create you.”
Wendy Garrett


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31 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challange – catching people unaware

  1. 3 coins in a fountain! What fun 🙂 I love the one of the little boy standing under the ‘deluge’, Vivi 🙂 I thought at first you were just going to post the blown up faces, when you mentioned Swedish law, but then you went ‘wild’ 🙂 🙂
    I hate ironing! Do you put something on TV to watch while you do it, or just music? (those poor neighbours again 🙂 )

    • Yes, I watch TV when I iron – the sun came again out just before lunch yesterday … but I did the ironing.
      Today sunshine again, can’t believe it – 4 days of gorgeous weather. Can get use to this. The little boy was so cute and adorable – he couldn’t say away from the water. Same with the little girl. Just a brilliant feature that Chicago has given to its people. I’m not sure if they use it for skating during their tough winters. I guess they do.
      I have real problems with do close up on people -just because I would hate it so much myself. And it’s very intrusive.

      • Yeah- no people close ups for me either, though I envy people who can. How’s the ass coping with the bike, Vivi? Not too much at one time? Sunny here too! We’ll share it 🙂 Off to t’ai chi soon and probably walk back 🙂 Have a happy day!

      • It’s very personal how we handle our cameras. My ass has so far accepted the bike, I’m VERY surprised, because the saddle is hard, but it’s formed differently to a chair seat, but my right knee hurts a bit, maybe it’s the way I bend it to get on and off the bike.
        Will give the bike a rest today too … and walk over to the bank. Have great spring day, girlfriend.

      • The first time I saw t’ai chi was in the parks in Hong Kong in the mornings during the rush hours .. traffic was heavy and there they was doing their t’ai chi in the middle of it. That was in the late 70’s – never saw it in China.
        I’m sure I will see it again now when I visit. Maybe I should try it???

      • Have looked it up … they have for beginners in Lund, it has already started for this season. Very expensive; £120 for 10 sessions.

    • Laura, I hope you will get to Chicago … such a brilliant and friendly city .. a city with a big heart and everybody is so chattful and so much things to do …. and a lot of things is for free. Thank you for your support – and go to Chicago!!!!!

  2. 🙂 Reminds me of the hot August day we spent together last year. We could have used a fountain like the one in Chicago to cool off. It sounds and looks terrific! Would mind a similar fountain here!
    Sleep tight and a big hug xo 🙂

    • Fell to sleep … really early yesterday, maybe it’s the biking that makes me so tired. Thank you.
      As I said to Andy, every city should have a fountain like this … that people can interact with and have fun. And like you say … for hot days in the city. Yes, it was hot in Vienna, very hot … but you keep us cool through those hours at Albertina, fantastic idea.
      Have a lovely day

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