pasta made with spring feelings, passionate music and findus

full dishThe pasted weekend I have been feeling so good …. and I think it’s all down to my new bike and all the flowers in parks.

Pasta is something I very rarely cook and eat, even if I like it. Very seldom do I visit an Italian restaurant during my travel – very strange because I really like the Italian cuisine.

I think it because I always feel so “over-filled” when I have enjoyed an Italian meal. A friend to me always say that the worst con with eating Italian is that you get hungry again after 4-5 days. It’s a bit like that with me.bacon page

When I feel good … I also want to be a bit creative, so on Saturday I decided to see what I could make out what I had at home – had everything except the thick cream.

You that knows me .. know that I’m not a big fan of fresh herbs, as a chef … I prefer frozen, because the flavor is so much more intense when they defrost. I always use frozen dill for my gravlax.findus

For this dish I have used Findus new invention (just LooOOOoove Findus); their frozen cubes of  fresh herb and spices. Comes like an ice cube tray with a lid – 20 cubes to a tray. They do Mediterranean herbs, Asian herbs and Ginger. Just to pop out a cube in the pot or the mixing bowl.

The Mediterranean herbs contains of; garlic, oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme.

And I also always use their frozen chopped chili and coriander that comes in small boxes. I wish they would do mint and lemongrass too. bacon pasta page

Also I always use dried pasta – with the fresh is it so easy to overcook and it’s also what most Italian mamas’ use. I must confess that I have never done my own fresh pasta, not even when I worked as a chef. 98% of the pasta I worked with was dried.

Personal I think it has gone a bit of snobbery into this with pasta the frying pan

Pasta with Warm Smoked Bacon, Mushrooms and Cocktail Tomatoes in a Herb Cream, serves 4.

250gr/8.8oz warm smoked bacon, diced
400gr/4.1oz pasta of your liking – I used penne pasta
1 onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
12 mushrooms, quartered
12 cocktail tomatoes, halved
chopped fresh herbs (save some for garnish)
0,5 tsp red chilli, finely chopped
300ml/1.3cup thick cream (used German)
salt and fresh ground black pepper
butter & olive oil for fryingvery creamy 1

1. Put on a big pot with salted water – bring to boil and add pasta. No need for oil in the water, it’s more important that it’s stirred constantly.
2. Soft fry the garlic and onion in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Heat up the oil up first and than add the butter = you will never burn anything.
3. Be careful with the onions so they are too fried because then the garlic goes very bitter.tomatoes 1
4. Add the bacon and mushrooms – fry until both gets some colour. Seasoning.
5. Drain the pasta properly and put back in the pot and on the heat and let the excess water evaporate.
6. Put in the bacon and mushroom mix, add the tomatoes and the fresh herbs – mix it well together. Put in the cream and let it become really warm while stirring carefully.
7. Divide the pasta between 4 warm bowls – be generous with the Parmesan and sprinkle some herbs over the dish. Finish off with some freshly ground black pepper.

If I had some Gorgonzola at home I would have added some to the pot before I added the cream.

This little simple dish needs a BIiiiG passionate cloud – Il Volo with “Grande Amore”. Played at least 4 times during the preparing of this dish, in full blast of course. Poor neighbors!

And I see Findus as a very passionate company too … passionate over the raw ingredients and the finale products.

OOoooh, I just adore the Italian language. Guys, sing your hearts out for us.

 “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”
Albert Einsteinall gone

28 thoughts on “pasta made with spring feelings, passionate music and findus

  1. We don’t have herbs packed frozen like that here, Which is absolutely ingenious! Stays fresh longer too, I like! Now, this music? is “PERFECT” for making great pasta, this is what passion for the art is all about after all 😉

    • Andy, many people drink wine while preparing dinner – but I need control over fingers, pots and knife. But I get my kick from the music …. When I cook it’s always full blast.
      Findus, I think is one of the best producers in the world on frozen vegetables – and they are very innovating. Never come across frozen vegetables like theirs.
      You’re so right – if you freeze fresh herbs you will look in the flavors. How many times haven’t I bought fresh herbs that don’t smell or taste anything.
      The Italians knows all about passion – I think the rest of us have far too little passion in our every day’s hours. *smile

      • Was on a restaurant last year at Easter just outside Landskrona, the food was outstanding and when I complimented the kitchen through the waitress – she said something that I really like. “Thank you – Yes, we have loads of love in our kitchen.” I wish all kitchens had that.

      • Which is what I have so much of for the incredible creations that come with it, One of the reasons in fact as to why I enjoy food so much 🙂

      • Andy, I just love people love food in a natural way …. they are happy people. There is so much great food out there. My friend and I have decided empty the lost account in Tokyo by visiting “Beige”, one of Alain Ducasse’s many top restaurants. I would say he is the #ONE top chef of the world. “Beige” interior design is made by Chanel. – it has 2 stars. And also in Hong Kong are we spending money, but a little less onalso 2 star – The Principle – After that we have live on noodle soup. *smile

      • This must be why we get along so well Viveka, we both agree that food truly adds that special spice to life and more importantly? it takes us places when we savour it, every vacation I try to discover a as much as I can 🙂

      • I understand … that you’re up for new inventions, styles and fusions. I love fusion cuisine, by the way. Next time I visit Vancouver – we have to make an food adventure together. *smile – hopeful it will be next year or the following year.

      • Heard about those restaurants – very interesting concept, but I like to see what is on my plate, it’s a big part of the enjoyment. Food taste different when you don’t see what you’re eating – your taste buds do all the job and eating in total darkness is an everyday world for many people. I would try it.

      • I would like to try it .. because blind people eats in the dark and I think their taste buds are a lot more sensetive than us who have a sight.

  2. I’d so love to be one of your neighbours, Vivi! This is fabulous music 🙂 And then you could feed me! I haven’t even had breakfast yet, but now I know how to cook pasta properly. Thank you for that. This looks delicious 🙂
    But most of all, I’m happy that you are feeling good again. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    • Girlfriend, we have fantastic weather today too … I think I will go for a ride later. 2 days filled with sunshine, can get use to this. *smile
      It would be a true pleasure to have you as neighbor and to feed you.
      The same to you!!!! Delight yourself.

  3. Wivi, what a wonderful comfort dish this sounds! I can just picture you with your ‘too loud’ music and a big smile on your face….. Have a great week, a great month 😀

    • Thank you, Sue …. and the same to you. Yes, I always overdue the music when I cook, clean and ironing. To be honest I don’t like to any of it, but music helps. Hate to cook for only myself.

      • I hate cleaning and ironing, but wouldn’t live in a dirty place! But cooking for myself is fine, I like my food too much and can’t afford to be eating out very often! Fortunately, I have been cooking for so long I have plenty of shortcuts….Maximum Praise for the Minimum Effort is my motto, has to be because I get so easily fatigued…. 😀

      • You’re a smart cookie, Sue … I don’t eat out very often when I’m in Sweden – but when I’m holiday I treat myself to some really good restaurant. Restaurants in Sweden aren’t cheap, so I eat abroad instead.
        I don’t eat very expensive at home neither, quick and simple dishes.

    • Thank you so much, it was easy … I don’t like food that takes too long time to prepare, I lose interest then. I’m very pleased with the result.

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