look out – spring feelings is coming on two wheels!!!!

park carpet

Yesterday it was raining the whole day …. Drizzling rain and a bit cold, but somehow I manage to get spring feelings. Maybe it was because I felt like the crocus in parks … wet & frozen.

I bought a new bike – my old white Danish was smoke damaged during our basement fire last June. I haven’t been on a bike since 1990 and 20 kilo lighter. Except on the Gym … but that haven’t happened for the last 5 years.

Always wanted neither a red or yellow bike. So when our local sport shop had an ad in the paper with a full equipped 28″ bike – 3 gears. In black or red. Price was nearly for free … 3500SEK7€380/£275/$417 – then there was a discount voucher in the paper for 500SEK, so I got it for 3000SEK/€359/£259/$394 with insurance and registration. A FAB bargain!! And it’s made in Sweden, which is great if I need to have a serious talk with it.

Also invested in a pair of very comfortable and posh sneakers (Novita), because of all the walking I will do in Japan soon. Made from Italian leather both inside and outside – so soft, but I don’t think my feet will ever be painless again.

But they weren’t for free … cost half of what my bike did.

They say riding a bike is like sex …. if you manage it once you will never forget how do it and how to enjoy it. *smile

So this morning I put on my new sneakers and went to the shop to collect my bike and now have I been out on my first ride on my Ferrari red …  for the safety of others I walked with the bike over the the empty school yard and did my practice – it was very wobby the first 15 min, the balance isn’t what it has been.in-good-company

After that it was like I never been off a bike and off I went to park to check on my swans and after that to the Castle Park.

The sun really tried to get through to me, but it was very pleasant weather and the birds are singing. The Landskrona Park Team had been busy with clearing out some trees in the parks.

Landskrona is a great town for bikes and 60% of us are on bikes, with me included now – it’s so flat and cyclist path on every street. No hills what so ever.

I don’t have a clue how my “sorry ass” and the bike will get along, it could become a problem. But I only live once, even if I got the chance twice. *smile

Look out Landskrona!!!!!! Because the town isn’t safe anymore. Can’t help myself, just now I love my bike, Spring and life !!!!

“Put the fun between your legs.”

36 thoughts on “look out – spring feelings is coming on two wheels!!!!

    • Loisa, I think you hit the nail – Landskrona will never be same …. what a fantastic freedom I felt there on my bike, so neither will I *laughing

  1. Viveka my bike is red as well and I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can get back on it. Some winters we’ve been able to cycle but the last two years it’s been too cold, icy and snowy. After my husband’s bike accident I’m waiting for the snow to melt. How can the flowers already be in bloom when you’re so much farther north than us?

    • My God, I wouldn’t be on the bike if it’s snow and icy … didn’t even do that during my school time, we walked in snow to school.
      We haven’t had any winter for two seasons now and I think this year Spring is a little earlier than last year. Even up in the North in Lappland they have very mild temperatures.. only a few minus, not good for the Ice Hotel. No doubt that we have global warming. Yes I saw on FB how much snow it has come in some parts of US the last few days. And last year both US and Canada had a tough winter.
      Snowdrops were blooming when I was over in UK in the end of Jan. Poor nature, totally out of schedule.

      • We went to a bike show today and it was busy. I think everyone has had enough of winter and can’t wait to get back outside on their bikes. My son sent pictures of London and the weather looks lovely there.

      • Yes, the winter has been very mild in the south of UK – I really hope that you will have chance to visit him this summer.
        Bikes and motorbikes is a sign of spring. We have a bike meter at the station and nearly every day even during December and January – have about 800 bikes passed daily. Not bad – we are only 34.000 living in Landskrona.

    • *laughing ….. I think there will more bike rides than sex in my life – thank you so much – and I promise to practice safe rides. *smile

    • Maralee, yes …. I felt a great freedom sitting there on my bike – we don’t that heavy traffic neither, but easy to forget to look twice. I’m always very careful when I walk … the best investment I done for a very long time. *smile – tomorrow if the weather is okay .. another ride.

    • Yes, that is a worry – but it went okay today … I don’t think I can be on the bike for hours after hours. Have to chose between my blog and the bike some days.

      • Happy to see you pedaling along, Ferrari style 🙂 Is it under the duvet time yet? I’m just starting my Monday walk post because tomorrow will be busy. Sweet dreams hon 🙂

      • Duvet time here … too – going to watch the last episodes of “House of Cards” – I just love that series. Suddenly politics are very sexy. *smile – I will do some ironing tomorrow.
        Working on a recipe post just now .. had enough.
        Dream carefully, because with dreams starts responsibility. *smile – see you tomorrow.

    • Claire, if the weather is okay .. I will take a ride tomorrow again. I don’t know if it will take me to any exciting places and there isn’t much to put the camera against … I did most of it today. We’re all in waiting for the spring.

    • Yes, A NEW BIKE – I knew that I would get some cheering from you. *smile Been out today in fantastic sunshine and a little chilly wind. What a freedom I feel when I’m ride that bike. Why haven’t I bought a bike before. My old would have cost more to fix up after all those years in storage. Love it, but it’s a little wobbly at times. *smile

      • 🙂 Wobblies will work themselves out. I love your bike. I can’t wait to get out. We saw some bikers out today. But we didn’t get a chance. It’s still quite a mess with snow and ice patches every where. But it was a sunny day with blue skies and warming up temperatures. There is hope in the air for some spring soon!

      • Spring has more or less … arrived here, even earlier than last year – poor nature all over the place. We had two fantastic days now .. was on the bike yesterday too. So I will go for ride now. What a feeling of freedom it’s – but I think it’s because we don’t have much traffic in the town center … I wouldn’t have the same freedom if I was living in Gothenburg. Colleen, this bike was the best investment I ever done. Can’t understand why I haven’t bought one before – needed a fire for make that decision. And some reason my “sorry ass” haven’t played up.

      • I should have made time for a bike ride today. We still have the snow and ice patches but temperature today was plenty warm enough to get out there. Work and responsibilities are just going to have to start taking a back seat…..and so might this blog. 😉

      • Colleen, that is a sound and health way of thinking – but stay safe – because icy patches is dangerous, but you know all that. I hope you got your ride as you hoped for.
        We had two days of fantastic weather and I been on the bike with Oscar .Today grey… so I can get the iron done.
        But I can feel the biking in my thighs, my knee hurts little – but my “sorry ass” … don’t mind be on a bike, that I’m surprised over.

      • I’m glad your moody butt is playing nice with your bike. 🙂 No bike ride today. It’s raining and been raining since our brief affair with the sun yesterday. And I think it’s going to be raining for some time. Oh well….must mean I have other things to be doing!

      • We have the 4th day of sunshine and blue sky now …. the small spring flowers are smiling and laughing in parks and garden. So early this year. Yesterday started of grey and heavy and I decided to stay indoors and do my ironing – but in the middle of it the sun came out. But today biketime. Sorry, about your missed biketime. Biking in rain isn’t fun at all – rememeber that very well from my schooldays. We hope for the best for your weekend. Soon here.

      • Thank you, dear Colleen. I hope the sun will be on your back soon. Not good that spring comes this early really, but it’s truly lovely to have it around.

  2. You are too cute…happy it’s a Swedish bike in case you have to talk seriously to it! 😂. I love your humor and I love that bike.

    • Thank you so much …. for your cute comment. The things is that still at times the bike has a life of itself and I have to tell it some words of truth. *smile

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