weekly photo challenge – orange

 Orange is one of my favorite colors beside red and purple – and it’s a color that is vibrant. It’s hot, healthy, fruity and engaging .

Stimulates activity
Stimulates appetite
Encourages socialization

In China and Japan, orange is used to symbolize happiness and love.

In Sweden orange stands for safety.

Children all over the world are drawn to orange.

Here comes my gallery of stimulation !

“Orange is the new black.”

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55 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – orange

    • The bike is from Köge in Denmark – even talked to the owner of house, because of his wife’s lovely bike. Thank you so much, Claire. I bought myself a Ferrari red bike today – must have Spring feeling is the rain. *smile
      Have a great weekend.

  1. Gorgeous images, really a wonderful collection! I sometimes wore orange in the past, it’s a nice colour, but after I moved to The Netherlands (>10 years ago), I now associate it with Dutch national holidays/parties, sports events, etc, so it’s gotten a different meaning. Don’t think I’ll ever wear something orange again… Not that I don’t like the Dutch (because I do), but I’m not into “national hysteria”. 😉
    Your photos remind me of the true essence of orange!

    • Orange is a Difficult color to wear, but if there is a great tan underneath … it looks fab. Bought a pair of orange jeans lastyear and I love them, They are coming with me to Japan, even if brightcolors create a bit of staring. In knowthat Orange Ice a color with strong Roots in Holland (AS in the call it) – Same as in Ireland, helpfull in Ireland The Orange stand so Gold When It s abouttheir flag … helpfull then overpriced They have a very strong nation orange . Thank you so much for for you support for my orange. Surprising how much orange There is in our world the year around.

    • Sue, here you’re …. was just going to send you an email to ask if you’re okay. So glad for your visit. Yes, orange is wonderful color and as you say a happy color. It must be the child in us that … makes us like the color so much. But I could never wear orange on the upper part of my body. Love my orange jeans. *smile

    • I’m sure you look smashing in it … a very difficult color to wear – when I was younger I had an orange … period.
      ThAaAAAaAAank YOU!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, you need a tan …. you know that I now expect a post card. I’m very relaxed about my trip … wait the week before. Clothes everywhere – don’t have a clue what to pack. Hong Kong full summer – Japan early spring.

      • I know that you will have luggage to the MAX! 🙂 I can’t wait for my postcards but I wish I was small enough to fit in your luggage. 🙂

      • I going to have one bag with cloth and shoes – one with Tena pads (180), knicker and toilet bag. Have got help from Japanese health authorities – they don’t have Tena, but they have the size I use of another brand, but they cost an arm and couple of legs. In Sweden they are free. It will cost me more to buy the pads in Japan than an extra suitcase cost me.
        I’m sure you will fit in my big suitcase, you’re only a half figure. *smile

    • Sylvia, that photo is taken at my bus stop by the railway station. It’s was a truly golden evening. I would love an orange bike too … but I think they only have them in Denmark. So I have bought a red. *smile Thank you for the lovely comment. The rose lives in Vienna on my friends terrace, but it’s imported from UK. Stunning flower.

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