cee’s fun challenge – farmed animals

big and beautiful

“I don’t care how many pails of milk I lose,
as long as I don’t lose the cow”

This gallery is a part of lovely memories from last years summer  …. together with a girlfriend I visit Skanör, the most Southern part of Sweden, for a couple of days. Skanör and the next door town Falsterbo, I use to call Sweden’s Hamptons.

I have a feeling of that the bulls, cows and calfs were really delighted over that they were able to be in such fanastic surroundings for the whole summer.


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19 thoughts on “cee’s fun challenge – farmed animals

    • Hi there, Girlfriend … still visiting my friends and my “sorry ass” has a bit temperamental. *smile – tomorrow back home and I will start on my basement storage unit.
      Everything is booked – so it’s only the packing left. Found out today that the Japanese bullet trains aren’t really built for any big suitcases – but it’s very common that tourists send their luggage overnight between hotels. – not expensive …. so more to concider. *smile

    • Kay, thank you so much … I really like the images too … I think it’s because I like Skanör so much and the memories from the days we spent there. I wish a great weekend.

    • Good Evening, has been busy with things around my take off … had to invest in good walking shoes .. I have also become owner of a Ferrari red bike and I have sorted out my basement storage .. and I have been watching the Swedish “Dancing with the Stars” – and are right .. I’m working on my orange entry. *smile How are you doing???? *smile

    • I have started to adjust to the new set-up … at least what you have written doesn’t disappear if you press wrong. *smile – who said that things should be made easy when we can complicate them. *laughing

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