weekly photo challenge – reward

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
it’s learning to dance in the rain.

There have been so many rewards in my life –  I’m a very lucky person really. I get rewards every day I log in here to my blog … I get rewards when nature smiles at me – doesn’t matter if it’s with sunshine or rain.

My friends, are a priceless awards that all was here when I returned back to Sweden after my nearly 23 years abroad. It was like I never been away. And those friends I left behind all over the world – that is always there when I return for a visit. cervical-cancer- md.tech-ex com

But the biggest reward of all is that I got a second chance on and to life after I been diagnosed with cervical cancer. That award came with a some side prizes that I try to live my life around.

That is an award that is given to me first of all by the fantastic doctors and nursing staff at Lund’s University Hospital, all auxiliary authorities and my friends that was here all the time for me.

They have made it possible for me to pull through … so I’m here; able to travel, listen to music, dance, playing around with Oscar (my Canon), carry on with my blog, buy more shoes, laugh and cry.

So this gallery for all of you that made it possible for me to fill page after page – in that blank notebook you handed over to me in August 2010. You cared and loved me back to life.


 Why not join the challenge …. or at least check out all the fantastic awards. Just click on the logo below and it will take you there.

I wish you a great weekend!




40 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – reward

  1. 🙂 Boo-hoo-hoo, I have tears rolling down my face reading this…it’s so touching. But it describes you best – you take nothing for granted and are a very positive person, despite all the challenges lives hand you. Your glass is never half empty, but always half full. Cheers to that, dear Wivi!
    MY reward will be seeing you hopefully sometime in summer, as meeting in HK won’t work – I’ll arrive when you’re back home again.
    Many hugs xoxo 😀

    • Oh, you lovely …. thank you so much for your wonderful comment – and for your friendship … I really hope there will be a chance for us to meet up this summer too.
      You’re also an AWARD in my life.
      Didn’t know you are going to HK … too. How lovely, we should planned that a lot better. There is a restaurant 2* – The Principle – go there for a lunch or dinner. Many hugs back. *smile

      • 🙂 You’re so wonderful. Thank you! You are too! 🙂
        I hadn’t planned that long in advance. Just joining part of my family for a couple of days and very much looking forward to it. Thanks for the tip. I will keep reading your blog with a super special interest for your HK trip! 🙂 xo

      • Dia, I hope I will … have a chance to post something before you take off. Also you have to have a casual meal at the Galley – at 1881 Heritage on their terrace. The old home of Marine Police Headquarters – shopping arcade, restaurants and luxury hotel.

  2. Loved this post! Perfect song choice as well. I lost my mum in August 2010 to Ovarian Cancer. So you surviving, thriving and living life to fullest just seems like the best thing to have come out of August 2010. Cheers to LIFE! Cheers to LOVE!

    • Kay, thank you so much for your lovely comment – the quote I found a while ago and I have saved for the right post and today the right post happened. *smile

  3. Your photographs conveyed such love and warmth…Beautiful interpretation!
    And Thank you for introducing me to the song, I never knew Sia and Celine collaborated, It’s such a great song! 🙂

    Hope you are doing great Viveka. Much love,
    Zee ❤

  4. How very touching Viveka – here’s to you for your perseverance, and for appreciating the wonderful gifts you’ve been given. Good friends, good health and an appreciation of it all. Beautiful post.

    • Tina, yes …. there is not really any words that will express how happy I’m to be here today.
      I never had a thought during my cancar treatment that I could die from my illness – it was never in my book and I was never afriad, but I was very sick *smile Thank you …. for your lovely comment.

  5. Just a P.S. 🙂 Booked flights to Bristol- Thursday 6th August to Monday 10th (21.30 in the evening). Will give me time to spend with Joan and be back for our wedding anniversary on 12th 🙂 🙂

  6. Viveka I love the quote and need to keep that in mind as we process more bad news about my husband’s health. His leukaemia is still in remission but his thyroid had cancer and we’re waiting for the radioactive iodine treatment. After more tests the doctors found a spot on his lungs and we have to wait some more and have more tests done. We’re trying to stay positive and enjoy each day as it comes. You’re such a wonderful role model. Hugs from Carol

    • Carol, I’m so sorry to read about your husbands problem. Cancer is an evil demon. Carol, I’m one of the lucky ones and we are getting more and more by the day.
      I hope of all my heart that the test will give positive results – my thoughts goes out to you both … and you’re so right that just take the day as it comes and enjoy it so much you’re able to.
      Warm thoughts …

  7. Wivi, I missed this post, just come across it! I love your positive attitude, your ‘let’s grab life by the scruff of the neck’ attitude! Here’s to many more adventures 😃😃

    • Sue, totally agree with you – let’s create adventures … one small everyday if possible. Had one yesterday, bought a Ferrari red bike. Haven’t been on a bike for over 25 years, more than at the gym. Collecting it today. So exciting. Have a lovely weekend.

      • Good for you! Gosh, I can see a streak of Ferrari red mixed with orange as I type! Soon be your Japanese adventure, eh?

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