“watashi wa jibun no besutowotsukusu”

means – I will try my best

japanese - khamsat com

I think the chance is very small that I can learn Japanese, but I have decided that I will be a little polite in Japan.  So I have been practicing Japanese. The chance is very small that I will be able to say more than one word at the time.

So fare I’m learning to say:

Arigatö = Thank You (medium) – this is the phrase I will use most. 

Sayönara = Goodbye (easy)

Ohayö = Good Morning (easy)

Oyasumi-nasai  = Good Night (medium)

Kon’nichiwa = Hello (easy)

Gomen’nasai = Sorry (easy)

and the hardest of them all

Onegaishimasu = Please (HAaAAaArd)

Really when listen to the words, they are pronounced as they are written and read. It only to remember when to use which word. Thank you and Goodbye, no problem to remember.

I have figured out that when a word ends with “su” – the “u” isn’t pronounced.

What do you think this means????!!! Watashinonamaeha Vivekadesu – whatever don’t ask me how to pronounce it.

(Saru mo ki kara ochiru)
Literally: Even monkeys fall from trees.
Meaning: Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfect.

Images provided by and thanks to: maekawa-gakki.com &  khamsat.com



12 thoughts on ““watashi wa jibun no besutowotsukusu”

    • I read that the Japanese people really appreciate when visitors try to talk their language, even if we don’t say it perfectly. Just like the French, so long as we try. And they will for sure get a giggle out my pronunciation. Japan is build on recept and courtesy – and to say “thank you”. Don’t worry I will not wear me on learning a couple of words, the packing will do that.

    • I don’t know about the clever bit … but it’s also a bit of fun for me. This morning when I woke up did I remember how to say – Thank You. I have to see the word in front me when I say it and it works. *smile

  1. I also tried to learn some Japanese when I watched the series Shogun on TV many years ago. Wakarimas (I understand) and wakarimesen (I don’t understand) are two very useful words.

    • Thanks a million, Jo …. two easy words to say – wow, learned some Japanese – I had a colleague that had studied it for 5 years and he said he wasn’t even half way.

    • When I woke up this morning I could manage to say Thank You. If I only close my eye and see the words in front of me .. I can say, but will I be able to do that when our airport transfer stands there in the middle of night. I will try. Not the end of the world if I don’t say it perfectly – at least I have tried .. and I’m going to bow too.

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