me and “mrs jones”

….. in Lewes.spring window

During my 4 days visit to Brighton I had a fantastic day with “mrs jones” – Suzanne@The Travelbunny. 

She had just returned from San Francisco, where she had been with a big group of people – so my last day in Brighton we decided to have date on. She asked me if I wanted to go somewhere special and I felt for visit Lewes. A lovely picturesque town just outside Brighton. Had been there only once before for a meeting on one of the hotels, but I really liked what I manage to seen of the place.

So Suzanne picked me up at my hotel … and it all resulted in a very pleasant adventure.lewes details

Lewes is the county town of the administrative county of East Sussex, England and historically of all of Sussex. It is a civil parish and is the center of the Lewes local government district. Population of around 17,000.

The town’s most important annual event is the Lewes Bonfire celebrations on 5 November, Guy Fawkes Night. In Lewes this event not only marks the date of the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, but also commemorates the memory of the seventeen. I remember while living in Brighton that the Lewes Bonfire was a must – there was special trains put in from London, up to 80,000 spectators is attending. Don’t ask me why I never went there.

Have a little story about Lewes Bonfire – I decided to go to Bath for a couple of days with my finance during the Bonfire events and after watching the Bonfire we was freezing and decided to visit a pub.  I had never been to Bath before, but as we stepped into the pub I heard: Hi, there Wivi!!! I was chocked and couldn’t believe that I were “famous” in Bath too. Couldn’t believe my ears.

It was one of our crew members on the Newhaven – Dieppe route that lived in Lewes and wanted to escape the Bonfire madness … and went to Bath too. So the word hadn’t been travelling faster than me. *laughing.

Lewes is also famous for it’s castle – Lewes Castle was built in 1069 by William de Warenne. The castle is currently open to visitors, we walked around the area. It is fantastic view from up there and it’s situated just off the High Street in the middle of the town.

“mrs jones” and I visit some shops … there is plenty for lovely shops in the town – we stopped for a coffee at one of the pubs that we figured out was owned by Lewes famous ale brewery, Harvey’s Brewery – a small family business that has been going since 1790 – the oldest brewery in Sussex. Also a fine wine merchant today.

In the window to the brewery’s shop we met “pretty polly” – a beautiful 50 shades of grey parrot.

We had a late lunch at a FAB place; restaurant and shop, “Billy’s”– a very colorful concept that is now found at 44 places all over UK.  They have one in Bristol and Bath, one I will visit when I go there during the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Bristol, in beginning of August.

At “Billy’s” was I introduced to Pink Lemonade, the best soft drink I ever tasted. Got 4 small bottles as a present by “mrs jones”. Have still 3 left. It’s made in France for them. Going to bring more with me back … in August.

We both had “marinated chicken skewers” served on a cous cous salad
with tomato, mint, parsley and lemon with tzatziki and wholemeal pitta bread – £9.95. Great choice by me. *smile  and me that never drink anything to my food … got 2 bottles of that lemonade into me.

And if I don’t remember wrongly I got a rhubarb and stem ginger crème brûlée
ginger nut biscuits with my cappuccino – or maybe I was only thinking about it.

The snowdrops was already (end of January) blooming in some of the gardens – it was a day with spring in the air .. even if the sun wasn’t out all the time. It even snowed for a short while as we walked up the castle.

We both fell in love with the same little car – a Nissan Figaro – this car was originally sold only in Japan, was born in 1991.

“mrs jones” had been my storage unit for things that I wasn’t able to bring with me home from Dublin/Belfast and I also had added a couple of things. Thanks a million for that, Suzanne.

We were back in Brighton around 5pm and it had been a superb day with just enough of everything and I enjoyed “mrs jones” company very much and she made my day in Lewes to something very spring

Had planed to have dinner at a place by name “Coal Shed” (next time) – but back in my hotel room with all the packing ahead of me – I ended up in the hotel’s dinning room instead and enjoyed their “fish & chips” and their brilliant “bread & butter pudding” – not so good as mine, but close enough. I’m sure theirs has less calories than mine.

“mrs jones”, a hearty thank you for giving me time for a day … and for being you. And I promise that I will back in Brighton again and I hope that means we will be able to take on another day together.

By the way, “mrs jones” … Copenhagen airport is only 2 hours away!!!!!

“Life needs more beaches and bonfires”
Unknownmain street view


29 thoughts on “me and “mrs jones”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with Mrs. Jones. Great photos as always! Hugs from my snowy world. I don’t think we will every see the end of this snow. At least it’s pretty to look at.

    • Wow, we hardly had any this season .. just like last year. Up in the North they have, but it’s not really cold up there … the weather is totally gone lost. I want the winter to be winter, but – if we haven’t had it by now .. we don’t need it. So don’t dream about sending it over to us. *smile – is it worst than last year ???

      • I remember images from Chicago last year … and all the iced trees in Canada – you had some scary temperatures in Calgary.
        Ice is just lovely to look at. *smile

  2. You certainly had quite a time in Lewes, Wivi! Next time you come to the UK and stay in Brighton, we must have a trip to Lewes! I’ve never been….

  3. I always enjoy your detail photos. I like that bird feeder made out of tea cups. How very English is that? The Lewes bonfire is often a pretty controversial event because of their choice of effigies. I wonder if you were aware of any hostility directed at the event?

    • Laura, in the bird shop there was many great ideas how create bird feeders – this with the tea cups was the best.
      Laura, I have never been to Lewes bonfire, even if I lived 6 years in Brighton. They also have burning crosses … I suppose is a very old tradition.

      • I love bonfire night because I live fireworks (and it’s my birthday) but I only attend events that have become totally divorced from the anti-Catholic and political origins. Some events, such as the one at Lewes, keep more of that going.

      • We have our bonfire on 30th of April when we say welcome to the spring … and burn out the winter. In Denmark they have bonfires on the longest day of the year – the midsummer. No political agendas over here. *smile – I love bonfires too.

    • Julie, thank you so much …. yes, I would like to have on my balcony – just wonder I will make stick together. It was great of you to join us in Lewes. *smile

    • Wow, that was really something – that made it even more special to me. So soon I sat down and started to write the post .. the headline came to me and of course the song. But I didn’t know for sure if Jones was your married name. Brilliant – yes, we had one fine day …
      Regarding the lemonade do have to be .. because I’m not going to Bristol until the beginning of August. Be sure I will shop then. *smile

    • I just checked how to make it myself .. not that hard and I also find out that Tesco has 750ml for £2.89 also made in France .. same bottle .. but different name. Could you test it for me. Lorina Traditional Pink . If it’s good … Tesco here I come.

  4. Vivi, I’m almost hopping up and down- so much to say! You’re probably under the duvet now but you might read it tomorrow. 🙂
    I started out thinking I HAVE to go to Lewes for my birthday some year. Then wondered if you know Sherri Matthews? She’s a lovely writer with a daughter who has Aspergers. The connection is she wrote a walks post for me on Lewes quite a while ago.
    Then I’m thinking your photos are fantastic! You have such a distinctive style and you make the world seem brighter. And that’s not just Oscar!
    And lastly I was jumping up and down over Bristol! I have a friend who lives there (she used to live in Hartlepool and still has a daughter here) and for many years I’ve been saying I’d go and see her. (I’ve been once but so many years ago- James was only a dot, and in love with her Siamese cat) Last week her daughter messaged me on Facebook saying they are coming to Hartlepool for her birthday on 1st May (will be 78!) I will be in Poland! So upset, I decided I really MUST visit this year. I’ve never been to the balloon festival but always wanted to, so I looked for this year’s dates. I haven’t told her yet, or booked anything but I hope to. How strange is this life?
    One last thing. I love Mrs. Jones! (Suze, that is 🙂 ) Hope your sorry ass is much better tomorrow.

  5. Wow, we are there 7th-12th of August … staying at the Premier Inn at Haymarket.
    Come, Jo!!!!!… we are flying Easyjet directly from Copenhagen. This is the closest we ever been to each other. *laughing … sounds a lot better than it ever did in those “shades” books. *laughing

    I have also friends in Bristol that I will meet up with – but we will spend the Monday in Bath and have afternoon tea at the Pump House. Jo… come, come … come. The train only takes 15 min something.

    And don’t tell anyone … but I love “mrs jones” too … she is such a lovely “gal”.

    I have looked Sherri up .. she seems to live in Bournemouth, nearly as great as Brighton. Closer to “mrs jones” that lives outside Hastings. Will search for her walk tomorrow. My happy pills starts to kick in now.

    Happy hug. *smile

  6. Beautiful photos Vivi, and this is all so familiar to me 🙂 I love that you came over to read my Lewes post, I’ve done a few others too. Something about the place. We eat at The Snowdrop often when we visit my boys, nothing like the Sunday roast there. Eldest son and his girlfriend have now joined a Bonfire Society and had a great time last year, but it gets absolutely manic there on Bonfire Night. Great for them though, they just get to walk home 🙂 Sounds like you and Mrs Jones had a fab day out – and I love the song, one of my all time favourites. And one more thing – such a small world, I live an hour from Bath in Somerset 🙂

    • Hi there, Sherri … for some reason I thought you live in Sussex along the coast. It’s a beautiful pub and their food is suppose to be very good. Have to try that next time I over there. Somerset what a beautiful part of UK.
      Yes we had a fantastic day .. but with just enough of everything. There was so much to put the camera against .. in the end I don’t know what to do. *smile
      Lovely to met you, Sherri – you are fantastic author.
      See you soon. Viveka

  7. Just come back to this post now! I often don’t see your replies in my Comments ‘drop down’. Fantastic that you found Sherri. I was going to hunt out the post for you but I’m too lazy. 🙂 Quite excited about the whole thing! I’ll check out rail connections but probably can’t book yet. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

    • The new comment drop is a nightmare – so easy to miss a comment … I found the post about her walk in Lewes. Brilliant written and images fantastic. Are you going by train, isn’t cheaper to fly … you have so many low cost airlines in UK flying all over the place. You don’t have much of a choice anymore … this is meant to be. *laughing
      The lucky pills turned me out like a light yesterday too … time for the day clinic and some rinsing. See you later.

      • I was delighted that you found Sherri and popped over to chat with her about it too. You’re right- I think fate has intervened! 🙂 🙂
        Big hugs and take care of yourself.

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