rain, wind, sue and a circus

… oh, forgotten to add the 2 pair of shoes.

Due to weather conditions, Oscar stayed most of time in the bag this day.

By blood a king, in heart a clown.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson

The main reason for my UK trip in January was to enjoy Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall, but I also knew that it will give me a chance to meet up with to of my blogging sisters, Sue and Suzanne.

Why I decide to stay in my old home city, Brighton, was the hotel prices in London. Not willing to pay nearly 200£ for a bed and a shower. Normally London is on SALE in January, but not this year.
Also I really wanted to go back to Brighton again, must been at least 10 years since I visit last time.gloves and ticket

Sue@ Words Visual and I decided to meet up for lunch, before the show. I always go on matinees, so the evening is free for other activities. I had a hot date in Brighton in the evening, with Peter – one of “my” biggest suppliers in UK. He worked for Unilever in those days; he retired in August last year.

It was a terrible wet and windy Wednesday. I walked from my hotel to Brighton Station in the rough weather. aboard 8.25 for Victoria

I wanted to do a quick dash into my favourite fashion shop on Oxford Street, before Sue-time. Even if internet told me that their shop was still there – it had closed about 4 years ago. I suppose thhey probably couldn’t survive after one of their best customers had moved back to Sweden.

But I didn’t waste any time …. Went into Clark’s shoe shop instead and left with £100 less on my account and 2 pair of shoes that I honestly ended. Clark’s shoes are 60% more expensive over here in Sweden.

We had said to meet up at the corner of Oxford Circus .. by H&M. I saw a lady cruising around, but I wasn’t too sure. Then she came by me again and I saw it was her.cafe view

A wonderful small firecracker package – full of fun and energy – laughter and warmth.
Because the restaurant we, more me, had picked for lunch didn’t open until noon, we had a great cup of coffee and muffin at Nero’s Coffee House just around the corner.

Poor Oscar he was in the bag the more or less the whole time, the weather was too bad for him too. I let him work from inside the café .. for a short while.

Sue and I talked about travel and compared cameras … she came very well prepared with 2.

Just before noon we made our way over to Carnaby Street, a name from my youth.
And the wind just turned into a tornado and lifted everything that was not fastening on the streets, really scary for a couple of minutes.come in

The restaurant, Pitt Cue Co, on Newburgh Street – have fantastic reviews and we were the first guests – a very tiny restaurant, so they don’t take reservations. It didn’t take long and the place was packed with people and the place became energetic.

We both had Ox cheek with bone marrow mash and green beans – absolutely delicious. With our coffee we had the most fantastic Sticky Toffee Pudding, one of my favourite desserts – but most of the time they are made too sweet … but this was just perfect.

If ever visiting or living in London, make your way to “Pitt Cue Co” on 1 Newburgh St, Soho, London W1F 7RB – open in the evenings too, but be in time: a very casual little restaurant with a small menu. You wan’t be disappointed.busy in all weathers

Just before 2pm we made our way up to Oxford Street and the bus stop for my bus #9, that took me over to a delightful afternoon with the Cirq, as they are called in Vegas.

A show that was great and also very funny …. Good, because there was quite a lot of young school classes in the audiance. A show with a couple of clowns that was truly funny and not just childish.in the sunshine

The thing is that Cirque du Soleil return to London with the same show for 2 years, they change some of the artists, but the storyline is the same. “KOOZÅ”, I hadn’t seen before and I really enjoyed it. Must have seen 12 of their shows in total by now, I am such a HUGE fan of them. Even if not every show has been WOW and AMAZING, I enjoyed every one of them.filling up

As I sat down on the bus the sun came out and the rest of the day became very pleasant.

Was a bit late to my hot date with Peter, but that is a total different story … maybe it will be told. *smile

Thanks, Sue for the fun hours we got together
and I hope we will have some more soon.


36 thoughts on “rain, wind, sue and a circus

  1. You are such an interesting and adventurous person, Viveka. Thank you for your beautiful friendship and gifts. I am so undeserving and lately very lazy with blog reading but every time I open one of your posts I am enriched. You are a marvel!

    • Jo, thank you so much for your loveable comment. Friendship isn’t about reading every post and commenting or visit … daily – it’s about being there. And I know you’re – just like I’m for you.
      I suppose I’m a bit adventurous, but it has to be inside a comfortable packing. I wouldn’t rush away somewhere … without knowing what to expect in the other end. *smile 35 years ago – Yes.! So thankful for our friendship too. You’re a so true.

  2. Ah, thanks for your lovely post, Wivi! It was fantastic to meet you, and I felt like I had already known you forever! You are a most interesting, generous and curious (in the sense of wanting to know about things, about people) person. Hope we meet again in the not too distant future 😀😀

  3. I’ve been very lucky this past year to watch the Cirque Du Soleil perform twice for the Michael Jackson tributes and one that was, well. Just alright, They are so amazing with just the right balance for audience for all ages..! Now, One thing I have yet to try is bone marrow, It’s getting me curious 🙂

    • I saw the Michael Jackson tribute in Stockholm and I thought is was fantastic, especially the music – it was just like it has him. However they manage to get that right. I call it an adult reality escape – the Cirq.
      Bone marrow I eat as a child already, because my granddad loved it. But with the supermarkets coming in and less local butcher shops it disappeared. Then with foot and mouth in UK and France … it was forbidden to be sold for years. Now it’s back in fashion again. Big think on trendy restaurants in US an UK just now. I like it – as a child i sucked it out from the bones, I eat it properly today. *smile Very flavorful.

      • I did the same with bone marrow as a kid, my grandmother used to encourage it saying that it was a source of nutrition, if only she knew how popular it has become, I’m sure she’d be smiling now 😀

        I do hope cirq comes back to Vancouver again, I miss how fun it is 🙂

      • I thought they toured in Canada every year, like they come to Sweden every year …. now. The shows that they come with here most I have already seen in London through the years. The artists is one thing, but I’m amazed about costumes and make …. and the music. I hope you will have a chance soon again.
        My grandma would be smiling too. *smile

      • Their costumes are amazing, The tailor is incredibly talented 🙂 Maybe next time cirque comes back to Vancouver you can make another visit? 🙂

    • It’s was very easy to hit off with Sue, I think she is very much like you – a big firework in a small package. We had a great couple of hours.
      You should go and see them again… maybe they don’t come to Newcastle with their shows. They come to Belfast those days.

  4. How great you met up with Sue! When I go to London next time (don’t know when…) we will try to meet up too. But, wouldn’t it be great if Sue came to Sweden and we could meet up all three of us!

    Cirq I have only seen once – in Malmoe. I’m a great fan too. The combination of art, music and acrobatic innovatives is fabulous.

    When do you leave for Japan? I forget – know you have told me…I have your latest card here on my desk, and .must say once again how I appreciate getting “real” mail as well!

    • We talked about that she should come over and I think she is playing with the thought. She is going to Sicily this spring. We have to convince her … *smile and what great time we could have together.

      It’s 5 weeks to go and … I also got a partner in crime for the trip (Nancy, my friend in Lima) – so I have been so busy re-booking and changing booking this week. All down now. Only Kyoto we are not able to get rooms on the same hotel. All hotels are sold out, but I got a hotel not fare from mine.

      I promise there will be a couple more for your desk. I love to get postcards myself and what I like most is to pick them and write them. Will be very busy in Hong Kong – many cards to write in 5 days. Japan I have 15 days .. to write them.

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