for one night only

…… did I take Oscar with me out in Brighton – I went to the restaurant without him, so I had to walk back the hotel. Had a feeling that if I didn’t do that evening it wouldn’t happen at all.brighton taxi

Had a fantastic dinner at Côte Brasserie, a French bistro concept and I had far better onion soup than I ever had in Paris and the Pork Belly was so tender and flavor full. So Mark Bolland at Evening Standard is right in his review; “Cote is what eating out should be about. Superb, affordable food that makes you want to come back” – they have restaurants all over UK.

There was a lot more atmosphere there, than in many restaurants I visit in Paris, just 4 min walk from my hotel on Church Str.

And I got lovely next table neighbors, a young couple that is getting married in Malta in 3 months time.

So after dinner, I went back to the hotel and picked up Oscar for a nightly walk around the Old Seine and Royal Pavilion. It was nearly midnight when I was out again.  The city was very busy  at all pubs and nightclubs – full of drunken and screaming youth, on a Monday night!!!!!

The ambulances were coming and going.  Funny enough, I didn’t see any police around.

Plenty homeless begging for money. Some things never change, not even in Brighton.

It was a night of new moon and a bit chilly – hard to work a camera with gloves on.

“Night photographers do it in the dark.”
Kevin Adamsnew moon

21 thoughts on “for one night only

  1. And I’m not surprised if somewhere in the blogosphere, a young couple is writing about their lovely table neighbour, “a Swedish lady with great sense of humor and lots of stories to tell” ;-). Sounds like a wonderful evening!

    • Gunilla, thank you so much for your lovely comment. That would be nice if they thought the same about me. *smile – Who knows. Had a great evening … but it was hard to handle the camera in the chill – and my feet was screaming for a break. *smile

    • Yes, do .. the have a couple in London – really great food. Just use the link I have in my post.
      Defrosting my freezer now – we have got snow and minus.

      • Sue, stay safe now on the slippery sidewalks. Freezer okay for another year and they have promised more snow this week. Love it. In the North have they got 103cm snow in 36 hours, a big problem with house roofs up there. Plus that they have -20C. Poor souls. Stockholm is badly hit too. We have 2 inc.

  2. Doesn’t sound like the Brighton I remember with screaming kids and drunks etc. However, the restaurant sounds very good. Not been to the UK in a long time now.

    • Jo, bench drinking is a massive problem in UK and been for the last 20 years, worst that it’s the young girls that is so drunk. The restaurant is superb. Maybe time to visit UK again. *smile

    • Thank you. Colleen – I shot many images, but they didn’t turn out that well, my hands were freezing. *smile But I like the ones in this gallery. A reason for going back again, next when it’s a bit warmer. *smile

    • Uru, go …. go … go. It’s a small city with big heart, arty and vibrant. And it’s has a young soul, most seaside towns had so many elderly people living in them, in UK and if course it does put a mark on the the town. Brighton rocks. *smile

  3. I can just picture you chatting away, and to those Polish girls too 🙂 We need never be lonely, Vivi. There’s all the world to reach out to. These pics are beautiful. Take care in Stockholm- it’s a scary world out there these days!

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