brighton still rocks

west pier…. so I have been back in my old hometown, Brighton – and what a lovely re-union that was. It must be at least 10 years since my last visit.

Lived in Brighton 6 years before I hit Belfast – a bit of a culture shock at the time, but Belfast became more of a hometown to me than Brighton. I suppose it was all down to that I was never at home during my years in Brighton.

I always so busy around the UK coastline with 9 ports and 27 vessels in its most to keep an eye on. One year I slept 200 nights in hotels, but I enjoyed every free day that I had in Brighton.pavilion roof

It was meant that I was going to stay in London, but when I looked at the hotel prices – no way I would pay nearly that kind of money for just sleeping. Normally London has great offers on in January, but those days seems to be gone. And I didn’t need London more than the “Cirq” day. And the trains run nearly 24/7 between Brighton and London – the journey is only 45 min.

Got a fantastic deal with my favorite low cost hotel chain, Premier Inn, most centrally located hotel in Brighton.  £179 for 4 nights with breakfast – that is what one night in London would have cost me, without breakfast. I made a great choice.brighton pier 1

Brighton hasn’t changed much: they have a massive H&M, Superdrug’s had moved to the other side of Western Road and my little yellow busy bus #7 are now a big red doubledecker. There was a new apartment building by the Royal Hospital and one on the seafront, that didn’t look right … in with all the beautiful Victorian buildings, didn’t look right. Brighton has got a big wheel and off the old West Pier, only the skeleton left.

I had just moved to Belfast when the West Pier went all on fire and destroyed everything of structure that was left. But I think what is left of it has it place and it gives character to the seafront.

There was more £-pound shops and local supermarket’s convenience stores in the city centre.

My first day I decided to walk down memory lane in the beautiful sunshine and walk from my hotel to St Mary’s Sq, where “my” fantastic townhouse is. I walked the famous narrow Brighton Lanes; with their unique small shops, cafes, restaurants and jewelers.

Walked along the beach … until my camera battery went flat and when I put in my spare, it wasn’t charged. So I had to go back to the hotel for charging … took me about 1,5 hours. Was lucky, because the sun disappeared while I was off the streets.

Out again together with the sunshine again and I walked to the Royal Pavilion – there was so much ground construction going on all around the building, but what a fantastic building. The details never end. Built in stages between 1787 and 1823 for, the Prince Regent, later King George IV. Truly impressive and beautiful street

St James’s Street was the street was the street I walked most while living in Brighton, from The Old Steine to where I lived. My supermarket in the beginning was in those days, Safeways – today Morrisons. The Chinese Clinic still there, that sorted out two of my colleagues hand problems.

Either somebody has made the street longer since I moved away or I am truly getting older, because I walked and walked and walked and walked …. throught the colorful and bohemian Kemp Town. It took nearly a life time to reach my old quarters, but there St Mary’s Sq was at last and “my” old house (#18) looked in great shape. Still a beautiful kept area just a block away from the seafront.

Every night I slept in the house I had the sea rocking me to sleep through my open bedroom window and I could also smell the sea, something that will always stay with me.

But there was also the dark side of Brighton, that hadn’t changed neither – all the homeless and even more of them, sleeping outdoors during the cold nights. And all the drunken youth, even on a Monday evening. What hurt me most was that most of them was young girls.

One thing is for sure  – Brighton still rocks me in more than one way.

“Oh, Brighton! Brighton!
What a place thou for love, liberty, and salt water.”
SAMUEL BEAZLEY, Jrafternoon sky

31 thoughts on “brighton still rocks

  1. Great shots of Brighton. They evoked lots of fond memories for me. Aside from anything else, it’s where I saw the most fantastic Murmuration of birds from the pier during a spectacular sunset.

    • We had those millions of birds under the bridges in Belfast too .. and they started their air show 5pm every day. Amazing to watch. I missed them in Brighton.

  2. Hi Viveka, my son has moved to London where he’s working as a lead curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We’d like to visit him this summer and currently he only has a room that he lives in. Finding an affordable hotel or B & B is daunting. Do you think Brighton would be a good location or would the commute be too much each day? Your photos of Brighton are very enticing.

    • Carol, I know … London is so expensive – Premier Inn is a hotel I use in Belfast too … great beds, always a fantastic location … and good bathrooms with shower. In Brighton there is also Ibis close to the station. Brighton is a very convinent with trains running all the time. There is Premier Inn in London too. One by Victoria station or my favorite by London Eye, County Hall – but they will be around £150 plus breakfast that is around £8.00 per person. August seems to be the cheapest month for London. You can chose double or twin room. .- very good value and great locations. Brighton will be under £100 and in June you can even get under £50 some nights- then your travel to London. A weekly travel card with all zones London will cost you about £100.

    • Thanks a million, Maralee – I know the winter in Brighton isn’t kind … to your cheek. Had fantastic weather, expect in London … wet and very stormy until early afternoon.

    • Thank you, Loisa …. so glad that I have inflused you a bit. I think the same that a photo on an angle gives so much more – I have Hyatt Regency in Chicago for giving me that idea … because all their images in rooms and halls was on an angle. I know a couple of my blogging sisters that tilte the camera too now. Love it.

    • Tish – I like that …. groovy, that is Brighton. You should go back, great food too … I’m going back again. I want more. Thanks for you kind comment.

  3. Great photo tour! I loved visiting Brighton where my former mother-in-law lives:) She always stuffed us every morning with a full on English breakfast. Loved walking the streets and the beach. Fun, entertaining, diverse and great food.

    • Wendy, I remembered that you had some connection with Brighton. I did a post about Brighton a couple of years ago.
      Still the same fun and still great food in Brighton. I love my Full English – without the mushrooms. *smile
      It was very nice to be back and I will go back again, hopefully next year. Funny place. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  4. Great photos! Brighton is one part of England I never made it to while my daughter lived in London. It looks beautiful. She got there a couple of times. What job were you working that took you to 200 different hotels?!!

    • *smile … not 200 different hotels – 200 nights on hotels in total. I worked then as the National F&B Co-ordinator for Stena Line, the biggest ferry company in the world.
      A pity that you didn’t have a chance to visit London or places around. UK is a beautiful country with so much well kept history. Thank for your appreciation of my images.

      • My daughter lived in London for four years, which is why we had such a good excuse to visit and explore! We did get to Cornwall, the Cotswolds, and the Lake District. All gorgeous. And oh, I miss London. But we have many more places on our list to visit…

      • I know, too many places and too little time and money. *smile
        London is a FAB city, but I’m glad that I stayed in Brighton. So much relaxed. Cornwall one of my favorite places in UK. Had my best UK holiday there. Lake Disctric I never got around to.

    • Thank you so much …. I like angles. It gives the images some character. The music is from the remake of the movie “Brighton Rock” from 2010 based on Graham Greene’s book. First film was made in 1947. The first British gangster movie.

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