cee’ fun foto challenge; bikes and motorcycles

A lot is all about bikes!!!!! 1. Netherlands • People: 16,652,800 • Bicycles: 16,500,000 • Cyclists: ~99.1% 2. Denmark • People: 5,560,628 • Bicycles: 4,500,000 • Cyclists: ~80.1% 3. Germany • People: 81,802,000 • Bicycles: 62,000,000 • Cyclists: ~75.8% 4. Sweden … Continue reading

weekly photo challenge; rule of thirds

This should be an easy one for me – I never manage to get the subject where I want it to be. So welcome to my world of and on a third. Our world that I think is pretty amazing. *smile  … Continue reading

weekly photo challenge – symmetry

Even if I’m very much a perfectionist ….  aren’t I a symmetric person, so images with symmetry is hard to find in my files, but I found a couple. Have a pleasant weekend! Rental Bikes, Vienna Grand Central Station Cakes, New … Continue reading