weekly photo challenge – depth


NYC MOJITO 1I not really a drinker … don’t even drink enough water every day. But I love to play around with and working my camera against drinks at times.

We have a saying here in Sweden that if somebody has a drinking problem, they look deep into the glass. Or maybe it is looking deep into the bottle. What ever!!!!!!

lunch drinks

Yesterday I had a severe drinking problem and I looked very deep in both the glass and bottles – because I was introduced to Pink Lemonade that is made in France, had two bottles with my lunch and I was given 4 bottles as a present – that I packed up very well and brought with me back to Sweden. Both the lemonade and I are safely back home.

I could have bought cases with me back.

“If life throws you a lemon – make lemonade.
Joan Collins


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38 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – depth

    • I have never had pink lemonade before – but I had others, but this is so good … one of the best drinks I ever had. Yes, it made my thristy too …. escpecially that mojito. I wish you a great weekend.

    • Suzanne, we made it …. and no problems anywhere, had real flow in my travel yesterday. Even got a seat on the train from the airport, witch normally is packed to the rim. So thankful for my bottles, check out thier website and there is restaurants in both Bistrol and Bath – so that is what I will bring back with me home in August. Thank you so much for the most enjoyable day and the lemonade. It stand here on the working top in my kitchen – smiling to me. Maybe I will open one today.

    • Janet, I tought is was a bit fun to look deep inside a glass with some great drinks. To be honest I didn’t know what road to take with this topic. Thanks for your support.

  1. Love how you capture drinks, especially the bubbles and fizz. Pink lemonade, I don’t think I had that before. It sounds delicious. I hope you’re enjoying it all 🙂

    • Mabel, thank you so much … I love to capture the fizz and bubble, plus making what is inside the drink interesting. This pink lemonade is so FAB, never tasted anything like ti.

    • There is restaurants/bistro/shop all over UK by name Bill’s – http://bills-website.co.uk/ – visit the one in Lewes. The best “softdrink” I ever had. They have 4 in London. I thought I is a bit with looking deep into a glass … thanks, Sue – I will come over and check your world later.

    • A-C, I hope you …. got somehting nice in your glass. I treated myself to a Pink Lemonade. It’s SoOOoOoOooooooO good. Going to Bristol in August, then I will buy more. *smile

    • *smile ….. we got snow today, first day of real winter and we will have a frosty night. Summer can wait a while for me … and I wouldn’t like to miss the spring. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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