cee’s fun foto challenge – this land is my land, 2 verses

very swedishI have lived 24 years abroad totally since from that I was 20- and I worked for a full year on a cruise liner. So roughly 30% of my life, I have been away from “my land”… but my heart has always been blue & yellow – instead of fading with time the colors have become more intense.

I love my land, Sweden (Sverige), for what it has been, what it’s and for what it stands for and given to the world. We are only 9 million – but we carry the consciousness of the whole world. *smile A big brother complex, maybe – an American journalist calls Sweden for a country club.

Sweden is great, but far from perfect for all of us living here. city hall in the dusk

And I feel so mightily when I see the Swedish flag somewhere during my travels around the world or any of our world famous brands- I just thing our flag is one of the most beautiful ones. For us Swedes our blue and yellow flag symbolizes the Swedish summer with the sun’s yellow color on the clear blue sky.

As cloud over this post have I chosen Volvo’s version of our national anthem, re-arranged by musician Max Martin – Du Gamla Du Fria (You Old You Free) – read by our mega soccer star, Zlatan Ibrahimović – the second most expensive player in the world.Dalecarlian horse

Suddenly is our national anthem being recognized also by the young, I think it’s a brilliant thing what Volvo did. It stands for the new Sweden, today built on so many different nationalities. Zlatan is born in Sweden, but his dad is from Bosnia and Muslim. Mom is from Croatia and Catholic.

Like Volvo and Zlatan …. am I made by Sweden. And I’m proud ….

“We are all different and yet the same.”
  Zlatan Ibrahimović


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31 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – this land is my land, 2 verses

  1. I love that you write about maintaining such a strong connection to your home country. As an immigrant, it’s an emotive subject for me. I know I will maintain my strong connection to Scotland but I also hope to keep my kids connected to their roots too.

    • I think think your kids will be very proud of their Scottish roots, when they became older … it comes with maturity. My father was from Poland, but I don’t have any connections at all with Poland or him, witch I miss a little bit today. But my heart is only blue & yellow plus I’m deadly proud of Sweden.

      • Thank you. I think my older kids stand more chance of feeling connected because they will have memories of living in Scotland. My youngest was 4 when we left so he may not have such strong memories to help root him. But I’m very Scottish so hopefully I can inspire them to feel Scottish too.

      • Laura, I’m sure that when they get older they want to go to Scotland and found out for themselves – because if you keep on sharing your roots – they will!!! As my grandma always said – when the devil gets older he/she become religious.

    • Sweden’s nature and landscape are so different from the south to the north – but I don’t have any photos from north of Stockholm. Thanks for your kind comment. Hug

  2. Yes, we are all different yet the same, Vivi 🙂 Reminds me of Je suis Charlie. Good to be proud of your nation. Dad still is, though he was estranged from his homeland for 64 years.
    I’ve chatted briefly to Sue and know that you had a good time, though she forgot to pass on my hug to you 🙂 You had to have a great time with Suzanne too. I presume you are back home tonight, though not sure? I think flights are ok at present. Forgot to say thank you for my be-ooo-tiful card which arrived today already. It didn’t have too far to fly 🙂 We’re away 7am on Sunday, unless there are delays. A big hug, and take care of yourself Feet up and a movie (then laundry) xx

    • Fly safely …. and come back to us!!!!!
      Yes, I had a fantastic lunch date with Sue – she is like a little firework. I really hope there will be more dates coming up – she is thinking of coming to Copenhagen.
      Same with Suzanne, we had more time – a full day .. and what a day we got in Lewes; great food, beautiful scenery and fantastic company.
      In overall was my trip to Brighton a 5* star trip – had such a good time and it was truly wonderful to walk down memory lanes … of course there will be a post about the adventure.
      Jo, I’m so thankful for the people I have met through my blog – and I cherish the friendship I have found so deeply.
      I have looked into how to come and see you …. Newcastle – not so fare and SAS flies directly. So now you’re not safe anymore.
      Wow, that was express delivery on that card. Posted it yesterday in Lewes. Glad you got before you take off.
      Have a fantastic break and delight yourselves.
      Will miss you madly. Bedtime hug.

  3. Lovely post, Viveka. Although I haven’t lived in England for over 40 years, I’m still proud to be British. I’ve never been to Sweden, but it looks like a really beautiful country. Have a great weekend. 🙂 xx

    • Same to you, Sylvia, Arrived back from UK today …. had 4 days in Brighton, my old home town and a day in London with CIRQ and l met up with one of my blogging sister for lunch. Had a great day even if it started of very wet and windy. Had a blogging sister day in Lewes too … had a fantastic trip. And no snow at Gatwick.
      I think it’s wonderful when we’re able to be proud of our roots … and scream about it.

  4. So nice to get such an intense dosis of Sweden, thank you Viveka! I realise that this autumn, it will be 20 years since I moved out of the country. I had meant to be away for 2-3 years only, then move back again, but life happens the way it happens, right? I’m happy here in The Netherlands, and Sweden is not so far away, luckily. If I moved back, I would for sure miss The Netherlands, too!

    • It was the same for me – I got my portions of Sweden when I went home to visit – so there wasn’t really a distance between us. I miss UK – but mostly the people I left behind, but as you say …. only a couple of hours away. And I can miss Canada at times, but I lived there only for a year. I understand that you love The Netherlands, for me it seems to be a relaxed country to live in. Had a Dutch boyfriend many years ago, from Utrech. I found the lifestyle in The Netherlands very enjoyable.

    • Marilyn, I know exactly what you mean. Even if I visited Sweden a couple of times yearly – mostly because my mum. So I never really missed Sweden as such, but I had no plans to gain a higher age living abroad, I wanted to be old in Sweden.
      But my heart was so blue & yellow. Very proud over being made by Sweden.

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