weekly photo challenge – express yourself

Another topic that I had problems to get my head around …. don’t take selfies, very seldom do portraits …. don’t have pets or grandchildren.

But to express yourself is not only about making faces or gestures. We can also express yourselves in art and creativity, the written word and through speech.

This gallery is from Chicago in 2012, a fantastic sunny July Saturday they held an art exhibition at Pioneer Sq. Truly beautiful art and they sold quite a few pieces, there were many visitors. All so talent unknown artists trying to make a living on their marvelous art.

My images is of my personal favorite pieces – if I didn’t have to bring them all the way to Sweden I would maybe would have bought a piece. I would have taken the gymnastic sculpture, but it was quite big and or the painting with the red trees – but it would have been a matter of money first of all.

I wish you a pleasant weekend!

“Art is a way to express yourself and
through that you can escape a bad situation.”
Russell Simmons


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28 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – express yourself

    • Thank you so much, A-C! I know I’m very short of words, but this topic was tricky for me – picked up the images from my media gallery. Have think about space. *smile

  1. …another angle…yet – I would say – the right one… 🙂 The choice of what we like when it comes to art reveals much more than we think… 😉
    Love the pics you shared!
    Hope you’re having a lovely evening!

    • Thanks a million – I have seen so many magical expressions in my online world. Like yoru art and images, your poems … I think creativity and imagination is the main ingredients for us to be able express something. To dare something.
      No snow yet down here …. I just want a little bit of it. Want to feel the crispyness in a frosty morning.

    • Good on you … I always forget that I have a camera in my phone … they say that become a good photographer we have to look at ourselves through selfies.

  2. OMG I have just received your CD in the post – amazing and beautiful CD which I do NOT deserve, being such an unreliable blogger! Thank you so so so so much! I am thrilled. Love Julie

    • Julie, that’s not what it’s about … I consider us as friends – even if we don’t visit each others blogs that often.
      Friendship is something else … that we are here for each other when needed to.
      And I’m coming to Perth, hopefully in 2016. First Hong Kong and Japan. *smile – so glad you liked the CD!
      All my love to you and the boys.

    • Glad you got it … took some time *smile That painting is stunning …. a female artist and she had some amazing painting of women. Her tent was so busy. Off to London/Brighton now for a couple of days.

  3. So many lovely things, Vivi! And Kathryn’s right- the blog is your representation of you 🙂 And I love it! We picked the same favourite 🙂 And I love the red trees, red flower and those three tactile ladies too. The world is full of treasures 🙂
    I’m picturing you wandering by the Embankment with Oscar. I hope the moon shines on you! Have a good and safe trip. I think the weather might not be so great by the weekend 😦

    • It’s nice to be back in Brighton ….. was down at the beach with Oscar and the battery went flat and my back up wasn’t charged, that learned me a leason. So at the hotel room now in waiting. We have a nice sunny day … and when the battery is charged I will walk over to my lovely “old townhouse” in Kemptown and check up on it. Maybe I should knock on the door .. *smile Had a fantastic meal yesterday at a French Bistro – food fare better than the ones I had in Paris. Tomorrow rain, lunch with Sue and Royal Albert Hall .. I don’t think I will bring Oscar to the big city. A day of rest for him. There was moon shine yesterday, new moon … got a great shot on it. The evening as a bit cold. Tonight a hamburger place … life is doesn’t hurt – but my feet does. Hug filled with Brighton sunshine *smile

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