“it has been a long day for me”

Why can’t all airlines do their safety presentation, like this Southwest flight!

You can’t miss this one!!!!

What I understand is this a standard presentation for this flight attendant to make passengers relax before take off.  She is from Dallas and her name is Marty Cobb.

Brilliant work, Marty!

“No one has ever collided with the sky.”

Featured image provided by and thanks to;  donbass.ua

26 thoughts on ““it has been a long day for me”

    • Uru, I have heard about New Zealand air – but they use video presentation what I understand. Same does Turkish airline Pegasus … with 5-7 years old kids. So cute and funny. They are really great.

    • Suze??? Do I know her??? I know travelbunny is in SF just now .. and she is even busier than me … when it’s about travelling. Meeting up with her in a weeks time. A full day together. A little “wintery” hug … without snow.

      • Yes, Suzanne (TB 🙂 ) Debbie at Travel with Intent (think you know her?) offered coffee too and I may meet her in Little Venice but I’m going to be zipping about as fast as the legs will go 🙂 Only got the one day. I leave on 7.10am train tomorrow, back Saturday eve. Take good care of yourself 🙂

      • Jo, no I don’t know the lady in question. I really hope that you have a chance to meet up with your blogging sisters while you’re in London. I hope the journey went well and that you are “delighting” London with your present. Enjoy!!!! It looks we are getting snow … hope it comes before Monday, so there is no problem with snow on runway on Monday. *smile

      • Debbie was on the way to Edinburgh! Nobody stays in one place 🙂 🙂 Living the high life here, but just for one night. That’s probably as much as i can handle 🙂 Crisp and clear in London. Safe journey, hon. Take good care, hugs!

      • I hope London takes great care of you. We got a little snow today – enjoy your night. *smile I think it will be gone by tomorrow. Saturday tv time hug ….

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