you were the life, monica


Because You, only You were life,
when it was at its most beautiful and best.
And much were You given,
but always gave You the most.

Bo Bergman

In memory of my dear friend, Monica!

It was a about 10 days ago I found out that she was on hospital through reading her profile on Facebook.Monica

I tried to get in contact with her husband, without any luck … in all honesty I don’t think I have got his number right. So tried the other number and Monica answered, it’s must be nearly two years since we last had contact.

She sounded tired, but was herself otherwise and I was given the news that she had cancer – and nothing could be done for her, more than keeping the pain acceptable.

I’m so happy and thankful over that phone call.

It is her birthday on 16th of January – so I went on FB to send her a message and there I found out that she had died two days before – only a couple of days after our conversation.

Monica, is very special to me … and to everybody else that had the fortune to get to know her. We been friends since the early 80’s – we met working together at the racecourse in Gothenburg, in the kitchen.

A strong, beautiful, fun and red head …. with the biggest heart and soul. A sparkling personality – bigger than life at times. She also had her dark moments, but nothing that I notice.

She met her husband, Robert – the best thing that could have happen to all of us – a fantastic guy … with the most wonderful sense of humor and nothing ever a problem. A match in heaven.

All the crazy things they were up to … with coloring the hens … raising pigs and turkeys on the little back yard plot. The fantastic parties we had with up to 26 guests and we all sat in kitchen (it was massive) for dinner – parties that lasted 3-4 days.

Cats, there has always been cats in her’s and Robert’s life together and most time up 3 at the time.

Monica loved to have many different reading glasses, all different colors and shapes, she must had 5-6 pairs at the time, maybe more. All colorful as - ewallpaperhub com

She loved her kitchen gadgets – many years ago, must be about 22, she bought a baking machine, brand new on the market – everything worked fine for a couple of weeks maybe – then the machine became very noisy one night when baking away. In the morning when the open the machine it bread looked normal, but when cutting – it had bolts in it. Never a dull moment with Monica.

She introduced me to one of Robert’s friends and we became an item for nearly 8 years.

On my advice she started working with Stena Line and during a couple years I was her boss, we worked so hard – we was a fantastic team of girls.

Monica helped me move …. she was always there for me. Then I moved to Canada and after that to UK, we still had contact. I was away for nearly 23 years. When I visit Gothenburg we always met up, then they left the big city and because of my mum I visited Gothenburg less.

What a fantastic person she was ….. so creative and full of crazy ideas … excellent cook and hostess.

With age she her fantastic red hair became beautiful grey – still one of most beautiful women I know.

The joy she find in her grandchild the last years – all she talked about.sorg

I could go on and on about Monica – she is one in the million – and now she has left us. What I can understand from our conversation was she in terrible pain, but she had such peace with herself.

She said; Viveka, I had the most fantastic life … I have no regrets, so I’m read.

My thoughts goes out to Robert and the children, big and small.

Monica, you’re only a breath away from us. 


39 thoughts on “you were the life, monica

  1. Dear Wivi,
    I’m very sorry to hear about your dear friend that passed away.
    She’s not gone – she’s in your heart and part of in your soul and as you said correctly, just a breath away.
    Many happy memories to you and a very big hug and lots of love
    XO ❤ 🙂

    • Thank you, Dia ….. I got a chock – it was just a couple of days after we talked. A very special lady – that I’m so happy and thankful over all that we had.

    • Thank you, Loisa … yes, she will always be one special lady to me – so glad that I phoned as I did. It was meant to be. Monica is okay now – no pain, no suffering – but I feel so deep for her husband and the children, it must have been a terrible journey for them.

    • Yes, Monica is at a good place now without pain and suffering. Cancer is an ugly thing …. there is so much pain involved against the end. Like the illness isn’t enough in itself. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  2. Så tråkigt, Viveka. Vi börjar komma in i de åren när saker och ting börjar hända…som vi inte vill ska hända. Vänner drabbas och man vet inte när det kommer till en själv. Monica var en fin vän, det förstår jag.

    • A-C, tack för de underbara orden …. det är så när vi kommer upp i åren … att våra käraste lämnar. Men det går inte att komma ifrån. Så glad att hon slipper all smärta och lidande. Hade ingen aning att hon var så nära slutet när vi pratades vid.

    • Colleen, thank you so much for the lovely words – she is a very special lady and my heart aches for her family. Monica is at a good place now without any pain and suffering.

    • Jo. thank you so much …. for your lovely comment. I don’t think the family will read it – but I have posted a letter, very likeness this post, today. She was a very special lady.

    • Sylvia, I’m so happy over that phone call – I would never forgiven myself otherwise and I’m so thankful for that she took my call – she must have been so sick and in such a pain. She died 3 days later. Thanks for your comfort.

    • Sue, I’m so thankful … that she answered too … because she must have been so sick and in such a pain, she died 3 days later. Couldn’t believe, she sounded very tired, but otherwise herself. So glad that I got the chance and that I phoned as I did.

    • Thanks, Maralee … she was a very special person in many ways. I don’t dare to think what the family is going through now.
      She was on hospital for nearly 2 months. Sent her husband a letter yesterday.

  3. Glad you had that last short contact, Vivi. What a shame it couldn’t be sooner, but you both had full happy lives. We can only live the life we’re given, and it sounds like she made a great job of hers. Sad for your loss and for Robert. This is a lovely tribute. 🙂

    • Jo, I would never forgiven myself if I hadn’t called her. So lucky that she answered, maybe it was because it was me. I hope so. Terrible lost for Robert, they have been so close … through all the years. She has left so many friends behind her too. Not going to the funeral – but I I put money into an organization that she worked for .. and some flowers. Nobody has told me where and when the funeral will be – but I finally find the information online. Thank you so much for you kind words.

    • Debby, Monica was one special lady … haven’t still talked to Robert, but they were never apart more than for work – such close couple – worried about him. Not able to go to the funeral – but I have sent a little flower and given money to her choice of charity.

  4. Such a loving heartfelt post and so difficult to say goodbye I know… The unknown gift of hearing her voice was a godsend.
    Thinking of you even though I’m a bit absent. Thank you so much for the CD.
    Another winner. xx wendy

    • Wendy, thank you so much for your kind words – I’m glad in a way that I didn’t know it would be our last phone call. So it was a very normal call.
      Wendy, because we don’t visit each other very often – we still have the friendship and that is what counts. Glad you like the CD! My love to you and Mr O!

  5. Sorry for your loss Viveka. I lost a close friend last summer and didn’t have a chance to say good-bye but I was grateful for being able to reconnect with her, first on FaceBook and then in person while she was in remission. About 6 months before she died we lost contact with her. Her cancer had returned and she chose to spend her remaining days with her family. You were very lucky to be able to speak with her before her passing. A lovely tribute.

    • Thank you, Carol … for you kind words. Yes, it was faith that I phoned that day. I couldn’t believe that a couple of days later she was gone.She sounded tired, but otherwise herself. When I asked if she wanted me to visit, she said that she is far too tired, even to see her family at times. I have written a letter to her husband.
      The reality is when we reach the age I’m in – is that dearest ones are leaving us behind.

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